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Pregnancy Diary: 31 & 32 weeks pregnant

Hey all. Here are my 31 & 32 weeks pregnant blog post updates! All my pregnancy diary blog posts: Pregnancy Diary Week 4 Pregnancy Diary…


Hey all. Here are my 31 & 32 weeks pregnant blog post updates!

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Birth Story

31 & 32 weeks pregnant

Right then kids, what’s been going on the past two weeks?

As always, the movements are getting stronger. It feels like he is going to jump out of my belly by breaking through my skin which is fantastic.

pregnancy blog third trimester blogger pregnant uk yorkshire

I can’t remember if I mentioned this before, but I have a couple of stretch marks on my hips. One side is a quite deep purple and the other side is not so bad. I’ve been using belly balm and so far my stomach has gotten away unscathed, but there’s still time for that to change. I have been feeling tightness and my skin has been sore above my belly button. It’s my legs that have suffered the most damage, the stretch marks started on my inner thighs, then I got them on the front of my legs and now they run all the way down from my inner thigh to my knee.

I saw my friends for the first time since last Christmas. It was a nice day so we sat outside, had a few drinks (non-alcoholic for me!) and had some food and played a few games. It was just the 4 of us and was nice to see them while I am pregnant. Now they are all in lockdown so God knows when I will see them next. It’s been tough not seeing friends and family during all this! When you are pregnant you’re kind of excited to see people with your new bump and pregnant glow (the glow DOES NOT EXIST, by the way, you are just having a hot flush).

One of my friends bought me lots of outfits, about 6! They are all very cute. The wardrobe is looking so full now! We have drawers of vests and babygrows also, but about half of it is what my friend gave me as she’s had two boys in the past couple of years!

I had my 32-week midwife appointment. All my blood came back normal, apart from iron which is on the lower end of normal so I have to have it checked again at my next appointment. She measured my belly and it was only 1 week ahead instead of three weeks, so I was sent for a scan for slow growth.

I had the scan the following week and everything was fine. I’ve got a normal level of fluid, the blood flow to the placenta is great and he’s basically the average size for his gestational age, right in the middle. He was doing some yawns during the scan which were cute!

I’ve not got long until I finish work now, and while I have been working from home since March with a reduced workload, I am ready to take my mind of work and enjoy my last few weeks being able to be a bit selfish with my time!

pregnancy blog third trimester blogger pregnant uk yorkshire
pregnancy blog third trimester blogger pregnant uk yorkshire
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