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Pregnancy Diary Weeks 11 & 12: The scan!

My belly is definitely bigger now so I decided to buy some maternity clothes. I also really want to start getting dressed every day to…


My belly is definitely bigger now so I decided to buy some maternity clothes. I also really want to start getting dressed every day to help me feel better rather than slobbing in pyjamas.

I’ve been feeling a bit better. I’m no longer losing every day all day in bed. Just having slumps here and there.

But but but, let’s talk about the most important thing. I had my 12-week scan!

Obviously I had to go alone due to covid19. I got there a bit early and was called right in. My demon child was playing up as usual. It was facing away from us so I had a good view of its spine. I had to spend a good 20 minute turning on to my side and back over trying to get it to move. She was really digging it into my hip and stomach to the point it hurt. Afterwards, she remarked how much her shoulder hurt. What about my belly, lady?

It was such a relief to see the heartbeat and it’s growing on track. There’s always that ‘what if something is wrong’ fear in the back of my head. I didn’t cry when I saw it which surprised me. I cried at the 8-week scan so maybe I was over the overwhelm of it all haha. I felt more matter of fact about it. Like, ‘let’s get this done so we know it’s all healthy’.

Anyway, everything looks okay from what I can tell. It had its legs crossed and I saw the arms and hands. So strange that it looks like an actual human. I had the screening done for Down’s, Edwards’ and Patau’s syndrome. I got the letter back a week and a half later saying it was low risk. 1 in 17000 for Down’s and 1 in 43000 for Edwards’ and Patau’s. It’s always a relief to know as some of those can have a terrible risk to the baby’s life and/or quality of life.

My PT sent me a new workout plan also as I’ve been feeling a bit better. It’s good to be back on a program. Obviously, my program is pregnancy safe and also is tailored to my ability. I’ll continue to exercise as long as I can as it’s really beneficial, it can help reduce bloating, constipation and swelling. It increases mood and energy levels, can help prevent gestational diabetes, helps you sleep better, can reduce labour time as well as keeping you fit to improve your stamina during labour. It also lowers the risk of complications in pregnancy and labour as well as speeds up recovery time after birth. There are also benefits for the baby, it lowers the risk of many diseases throughout their life and obesity. There are lots more benefits, too!



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