Pregnancy Diary : 27 & 28 weeks pregnant – 4D Scan

Here is my 27 & 28 weeks pregnant update. I had a 27-week 4D scan this week so it was all very exciting! 27 weeks…


Here is my 27 & 28 weeks pregnant update. I had a 27-week 4D scan this week so it was all very exciting!

27 weeks pregnant

I’ve had quite a busy couple of weeks! At 27 weeks we went for a 4D scan which was exciting as we were going to see our babies face, also my partner had not been to any scans yet and I had been to three without him. He’s still a bit ‘I can’t get my head around it all that we’re having a baby’ so I wanted him to be able to see our baby in real-time. I guess it’s a bit different for men as their lives don’t really change until after birth, but for us women, live changes immediately both regarding symptoms and how you feel, plus changes to lifestyle such as food and drink.

Anyway, we went to our 4D ultrasound. I’m not sure if I’d recommend the place as although it was fine and we got what we wanted, it didn’t feel like they knew so much ‘medically’ – like if you want to go and look at your baby in 4D, it was fine, but we asked a couple of questions and she didn’t seem to know the answers and was just like ‘I don’t know’ and went on to talk about something else which didn’t fill me with confidence that she was as knowledgable as I had expected – so if you’re wanting reassurance after a scare or bleeding or something, I’m not sure I would go here (Ultrasound direct in York).

Anyway, we saw the baby and his hand was covering half his face so didn’t get a full face view, but saw him yawn a few times and wiggle about as well as confirm he’s still a he! He looks really cute and has the little upturned upper lip and button nose that my brother’s kids have and reminds me of one of my nephews! They measured him at 2lbs 4oz and he was basically right on track size wise! We have lots of photos and a few videos which is really nice and. I can’t wait to see what he looks like compared to them when he’s here!

pregnancy diary blog - 27-week 4D scan

He’s been moving more, too. I’m not sure if he has changed position because rather than feeling movements in my lower belly and cervix kicks, I felt more movements near and above my belly button. They were stronger and happening all the time where my whole belly wiggles! It seems he keeps changing as I can feel the difference in kicks when he does.

28 weeks pregnant

I had my 28 weeks midwife appointment. I heard the heartbeat again and also was measured for the first time, my belly is measuring 3 weeks ahead which isn’t a concern, as long as the growth is consistent next time I go. It’s really uncomfortable when they measure you as they push right into your pubic bone – I had two midwives measure me as one was a student. I had to have some blood taken to test my iron, antibodies and for gestational diabetes. I got a text the next day saying my blood results came back normal – but then on Friday the hospital called and said I needed to go to the hospital to re-do a test which wasn’t annoying as they were messed up last time too. I’m not sure what was wrong, I think the test didn’t work or was a dud or something! No idea why I got a text to say it came back as normal when one was an error? Everything has been so mixed up and the communication has been quite poor due to the changes in processes during COVID. I’m lucky that, despite a couple of episodes of bleeding in the first trimester, I’ve had a pretty straightforward pregnancy in terms of the health of the baby and I feel really terrible for those women that are not as lucky as I am. I’m very grateful and will never take that for granted.

pregnancy diary blog

I visited a work colleague a few days after my 28-week appointment who had a baby in June and she gave me loads of baby clothes! So I’m pretty much kitted out with newborn to 0-3 month vests and sleepsuits. I loved washing them and folding them and putting them all away, it makes it feel more real. The nursey is basically done now, just waiting on a couple of bits. We’re started buying the last bits and pieces now such as nappies, wipes, bath wash, nail clippers and all that kind of stuff so we’re ready. My partner goes back to work next week so we want as many things done and dusted as possible. I’m getting more and more uncomfortable so don’t want to be worrying about nappies and things when it’s harder for me to get about!

I’m also starting to think about the hospital bags now and have bought some things for me to take, such as a labour gown, big pants, maternity PJs, a fan to keep cool and stocking up on maternity pads etc. While I’ve been working from home during COVID and my partner has been off, we’ve really taken advantage of being able to get organised sooner than we probably would have rather than waiting until my maternity starts.

I’m still having the issue with my tail bone being painful and finding it hard to get comfortable, as well as acid reflux giving me problems and making me feel sick. I’m able to eat a bit more cooked vegetables now than before and can now drink tea again without being disgusted at it. I had a weird thing happen one evening where I took my bra off and my nipples stung so much for about 10 minutes. I’ve not had it since but it was really strange?

I’m still working out but dropped down to 3-4 days a week rather than 5 days as I’m getting more and more tired and lacking that get up and go in a morning!

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