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Pregnancy Diary – 10 weeks pregnant: sick and tired

Hurrah, I made it to the end of week 10! Here’s my pregnancy diary for 10 weeks pregnant. The morning sickness has been better. It’s…


Hurrah, I made it to the end of week 10! Here’s my pregnancy diary for 10 weeks pregnant.

The morning sickness has been better. It’s still there, but just in the background and only gets really bad in waves which is much more manageable.

It’s the smell aversions that are bothering me the most. I can’t even look at the kitchen sink without gipping. That whole area smells and if I see water in the washing up bowl I just feel so sick. The hall is still a smell I can’t stand which makes no sense. I’ve never smelt anything in my house before and now there are all these smells that turn my stomach.

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Birth Story

I also still need to eat regularly to ensure I don’t feel terrible. I’m getting bored of eating now. I never thought I’d say that! I’m not sure if I have cravings, more like I want something because I think it will make me feel better but then it doesn’t.

I’ve still been struggling with fatigue and dizziness. It’s not tiredness like I need more sleep, its more like I sit down and my limbs and muscles are unable to move. I have been able to work out a little bit this week though!

This week, the baby should now be getting nutrients from the placenta rather than the yolk sac. In my scan at 8 weeks, they could see the placenta starting to form. The baby is moving limbs and trunks a bit and the eyes are moving over to the correct place from the side of the face.

I still find it hard to believe there is this thing inside me growing and it’s going to come out and make a whole human. I still think of it as a bunch of cells but in a couple of weeks, I’ll be seeing arms and legs at the scan!

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