Reviews, sponsorship and giveaways.

Topics I cover:

  • Blog and marketing tips
  • Personal style & beauty
  • Pregnancy and parenting
  • Travel
  • Home

I am willing to do reviews or showcase items/samples as long as they are relevant to the topics of my blog and will be relevant to my readers.

Please e-mail me at for more information. 

All posts featuring an item sent to me for review or in collaboration and all posts for which I have received payment or compensation will be disclosed. 


Articles will be optimised for relevant keywords after keyword research is done. This blog is regularly audited for broken links, core vitals are reviewed and backlinks are audited to ensure any low-quality/spam links are disavowed in Google’s Search Console.

I can send screenshots of my page views and sessions from Google search via email. Please note that the figures shown on sites such as SEMrush/Ahrefs are not accurate.

Current Following:

Correct as of July 2023:

Twitter: 10.3k
Bloglovin: 4.2k
Instagram: 8.2k
Pinterest: 5.5k
Pinterest Monthly Views: 11k
Facebook: 2.6k
DA: 35

Media kit available upon request. 

You can read my other blogs here:

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