Pregnancy Diary: 13 & 14 weeks pregnant – More Tests

Here are my 13 & 14 weeks pregnant updates! Yes! My maternity leggings and tops arrived so I’m not making a real effort to get…


Here are my 13 & 14 weeks pregnant updates!

Yes! My maternity leggings and tops arrived so I’m not making a real effort to get showered and dressed every day. It’s hard when you’re in lockdown AND ill. I also bought myself some Liz Earle skincare to take better care of my skin as I’ve been horrific the past few days. I even got my act together and threw some old skincare and makeup products out to make the bathroom a bit more spacious! I’ve also started using body moisturiser to help tackle stretch marks! I don’t have any yet but my skin is usually really dry so hoping the cream might keep them away a little longer and help make them fade quicker!

pregnancy blog diary week 13 and 14

On the day after my scan last week, I got a call from the hospital. I was really worried that something was wrong but they forgot to do some tests.

Because of Coronavirus, I never actually had an 8-week appointment. It was just a short phone call from the midwife. I should have had my weight, height, blood pressure done and some blood was taken. At my scan, they did weigh me and then took some blood and I thought that was it. But the blood was for the screening tests and not for the 8-week tests.

Anyway, I had to go back to the hospital a week later with a urine sample and have it done. They still weren’t quite sure what to do with me, they took lots of blood then I said I needed my blood pressure done. They asked why and I was like ‘I don’t know you’re the medical professionals here, that what I was told’. They did it, then they asked if there was anything else and I said I was meant to see a midwife and she pointed to this women at the desk and was like well that’s a midwife. I wasn’t sure what I was meant to see a midwife for I assumed it was because I’ve not seen one yet and they were going to take me to a room and ask me some questions or something but she just flicked through the notes and then said I need a diabetes test. More blood.

pregnancy blog diary week 13 and 14

I’ve not really felt great about my care so far if I’m honest. I know there’s a lot going on but I expected I’d have a midwife as a point of contact and although I do have her number, I’ve not actually spoken to her yet and won’t meet her until I’m 25 weeks. I seem to have been forgotten and messed about a bit. Or that’s how it feels.

I guess this pregnancy is a huge deal to me but for the midwives, they see pregnant people every day so they’re really flippant about stuff? I don’t know.

Anyway, after getting home I started to feel really ill. I wasn’t well all night and spent the evening on the sofa. At 7 am I thew up and then spent the rest of the day in bed. I had my piano lesson at 5 pm which I only just made it through (on Skype!). I didn’t want to let her down as I had taken a two-month break already due to morning sickness.

pregnancy blog diary week 13 and 14

I felt a bit better the next few days but on Sunday I started to feel bad again and was throwing up again. Another day in bed all Sunday and Monday! I swear I think it’s getting better and then it just hits me again.

They said the second trimester is meant to be great and although I do have some days where I am able to do things, I still feel sick all the time and have days where I’m in bed.

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