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Pregnancy Diary: 35 & 36 weeks pregnant

This is my 35 & 36 weeks pregnant blog update! All my pregnancy diary blog posts: Pregnancy Diary Week 4 Pregnancy Diary Week 5 Pregnancy…


This is my 35 & 36 weeks pregnant blog update!

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Birth Story

35 & 36 weeks pregnant

Right, things are getting real now. I am so close to having my baby! It still feels so far away though, like it’s never actually going to happen but I am so ready to have this baby!

pregnancy diary-blog update - 36 weeks pregnant update

I had my last PT session at 36 weeks. I have been having sessions with my personal trainer for three years so it’s strange that this won’t be part of my routine anymore! We have become good friends during that time so hopefully, we will stay in contact. I am still working out but just doing my own thing and listening to my body. I will continue to work out while I can.

I also had my 36 midwife appointment. My belly is measuring two weeks ahead with consistent growth. My blood pressure, baby’s heartbeat and everything is fine and he is head down and ready to go (I hope!). I had my blood taken and I am anaemic so I have to take iron, my midwife suggested I take liquid iron so it doesn’t make me sick as the tablets have, so I’m giving that a go. I’ve also had my flu jab and thankfully it wasn’t too bad, just had a bit of an achy arm for a couple of days after.

I have started eating dates and drinking raspberry leaf tea which is supposed to help you dilate quicker during labour. I’m hoping it does help me somehow as nobody wants a slow labour, but at the same time I was scared to start in case I dilate too quickly and can’t have an epidural, haha – but I don’t think it speeds things up that much!

I finished packing my hospital bag so we are ready to go now. It’s just a waiting game!

I’m in a lot of discomfort – both in terms of aches and pains so I’m struggling to sleep and get comfy on the sofa, but I’m also feeling sick and struggling with acid reflux. I just need to keep reminding myself that the end is getting closer and closer now. I can’t wait to drink water again as I’ve really struggled with it during the whole pregnancy.

I’ve had a few friends talk to me lately and tell me they are also pregnant. It’s so strange that a few months ago I was reaching out to others who were pregnant and feeling like it was ages away until I’d be as pregnant as them, now I am the most pregnant! It’s quite nice to talk to others and listen to them complain about the awful first trimester symptoms and be able to sympathise because it really helped me when others did the same for me!

It’s so strange that this could be my last update as when I get to 37 weeks he can arrive at any time! Although I think I’ll go to 41 weeks. Let’s hope I don’t!

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