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Pregnancy Diary: 19 & 20 weeks pregnant: Finding out the gender

Hello all. Here’s my 19 and 20 weeks pregnant update. And this is an exciting pregnancy update as I found out the gender. So, week…


Hello all. Here’s my 19 and 20 weeks pregnant update. And this is an exciting pregnancy update as I found out the gender.

So, week 19. I’m sure I’m feeling movements. Around the 19 week mark (maybe a few days earlier) I was sat at the dining room table and I felt two thuds in the centre of my lower belly (again where my knicker line is/hip level). I say thud, it was more like someone was flicking me from the inside. It was more intense than the ‘bubbles’ though. I’ve started to feel it more and more often. It seems to be more frequent each week and it’s so reassuring.

20 weeks pregnant

5 weeks / 12 weeks / 20 weeks

I had my 20-week scan, it wasn’t until 4 pm in the afternoon and just after I ate and I was playing on my piano, I felt loads of kicks. It makes me really excited and confident about the scan. At the 12 week scan, I was worried that the heart wouldn’t have been beating or something. If it wasn’t for the 8-week scan I had, I probably would have doubted there being a baby at all. Although I knew something could still be wrong and show up at the anatomy scan, I felt better knowing my baby was alive and kicking in there!

I had to wear a mask to the hospital which was awful. It was making me so hot and dizzy. I’d rather just not go out than wear a mask so that is my plan.

20 weeks pregnant in a mask

At the scan, I was in a room where there was an ultrasound machine next to me for the sonographer to use with a screen and there was also a screen above the bed so I could see everything. Much better than the 12-week scan when you could only see when they turned the machine to you.

She asked if I wanted to know anything and I said I wanted to know the gender. She started and I could see the baby right away and the heartbeat. She was looking at the heart to make sure it was okay but the baby was moving around too much so she couldn’t check the blood flow so said we would come back to it. She then showed me the bladder and kidneys and explained they were black because they had water in them which is good. She measured the belly and legs. Then, all of a sudden she was between the legs and I could see the gender. Absolutely no doubt. It’s a boy! I had a wave of overwhelm hit me and almost cried but managed to keep it together. I hate that my partner wasn’t there to see it with me but it’s probably or the best as I would have cried for sure if he was.

She checked his head, brain, nose and made sure the lips were okay. Finally, she was able to get a shot of the heart she needed to give my baby boy the all-clear. He was moving around so much!

20 weeks pregnant ultrasound
20 weeks pregnant ultrasound
20 weeks pregnant ultrasound
20 weeks pregnant ultrasound


After the scan, I had to stick around and speak to a midwife as I didn’t have a 16-week appointment. She went through all the blood tests with me and my iron is a tiny bit low so I need to get some iron pills from the GP. I also need to get a whooping cough vaccine and take some vitamin D. She was surprised I wasn’t taking it already. How am I meant to know? I’ve not had any midwife appointments apart from my booking over the phone? She seemed a bit judgemental with me about it which is frustrating when they’ve already messed many things up for me like forgetting tests or not telling me results on time! I’ve been patient with them realising that everything is strange right now during coronavirus.

Anyway, after that, I was able to go home and tell my fiancé the gender of our baby!

20 weeks pregnant gender scan

We think we have a name, but I’m not going to tell anyone it as this still may change!

The day after my scan, I saw my parents for the first time since I found out I was pregnant. They came down for my birthday. It was nice, we had a Chinese and a few drinks (alcohol-free for me) and I wore one of my maternity dresses.

20 weeks pregnant girl in mirror

It’s all starting to feel real now we know the gender and the kicks are getting stronger!

I’ve not been feeling as sick either and have been sticking to my exercise program.

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  1. Aww! What an exciting time for you. Feeling the baby moving so much and finding out you’re having a boy. How lovely.
    Just ignore the judgemental midwife. Does she not realise we’re not living in normal times. Eesh!
    With my eldest I chose a name when I found out her sex and stuck with it until they asked what she was going to be called when she was born and I went with something completely different. lol

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