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Pregnancy Diary: 29 & 30 weeks pregnant

Hello and welcome to my 29 & 30 weeks pregnant blog post update! All my pregnancy diary blog posts: Pregnancy Diary Week 4 Pregnancy Diary…


Hello and welcome to my 29 & 30 weeks pregnant blog post update!

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Birth Story

28 weeks pregnant

29 & 30 weeks pregnant

Baby brain is real. I have turned into a complete idiot. In a single day, I managed to break 2 glasses and put milk into my iron bru instead of sparkling water three times. Yes, it curdled and was disgusting!

Big things in the last couple of weeks: the safari nursery is complete! I’ve got most of the things I need now, just a few bits and bobs to get.

I’ve also started thinking about hospital bags, bought a labour gown and some pyjamas and I have a box in the babies wardrobes full of things I’m taking for me.

The baby continues to get more and more active. It’s like he’s sucking all the energy out of me and using it to have his own little rave. Sometimes it seems like he’s going for hours and hours at a time. The movements are so strange, I always thought you just felt kicks every now and then but it’s swirling, turning, bouncing and all sorts!

I actually went to work one day to meet a colleague for a bit. I went into a branch nearby that I usually look after and it was nice to see people and have them come and ask about the baby. I guess that’s a part I’ve missed out on with COVID, not many people have actually seen me pregnant!

I started to feel a bit sick again, I read that around this stage your body is doing some final big things like sorting out the lungs, so your pregnancy hormones have a bit of a surge and that can cause your morning sickness to come back. I hope it eases of soon because it’s not fun!

Another thing I’ve been having these past few weeks is wrist again finger pain. It started in my wrists and now it’s eased a bit but the middle finger on my right hand hurts when I bend it, not fun for when I’m playing the piano! I read this can be due to your blood vessels getting thicker due to more blood and it aggravating the nerves.

Not long to go now, but it feels like forever!

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