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Pregnancy Diary: 37 & 38 weeks pregnant

Welcome to my week 37 & 38 weeks pregnant blog post. I’ve been sharing a week by week pregnancy diary of everything that’s been happening…


Welcome to my week 37 & 38 weeks pregnant blog post. I’ve been sharing a week by week pregnancy diary of everything that’s been happening during my first pregnancy.

Wow, I’m writing this at 39+2 which is insane! Pregnancy just feels so long and hard that it’s difficult to believe I’m so close to the end, but it still feels like a long time away. We are talking about DAYS now. Any day now, actually.

It’s scary, exciting, overwhelming, terrifying and so many more different emotions. I’m so glad I’ve been sharing this weekly pregnancy diary though, as it will be nice to look back on in the future.

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Pregnancy Diary: 37 & 38 weeks pregnant

Birth Story

pregnancy blog third trimester scans Pregnancy Diary: Week 37 & 38 weeks pregnant

So, we are now in November which is the month I’m having my baby boy! Ah. Right, calm down, Corinne.

What’s happened in the last two weeks?

37 weeks pregnant blog

Well, I had my 38-week midwife appointment at 37+5. Everything was fine apart from my measurements At my 36-week appointment I measured 38-weeks, so in theory, I should have measured 40 weeks this week to keep growth consistent, but I only measured 38 so was sent for a scan due to static growth. The midwife said it could be because the head was low and engaging.

38 weeks pregnant blog

The scan was at 38+2, I wasn’t looking forward to it because as much as I wanted to see my baby, the hospital is SO HOT and I always feel so ill in my mask! I was the last one of the day so it didn’t take too long to get my paperwork back afterwards. He was wriggling around loads and his head was really low so it was hard to measure, he was an estimated 7lbs 10oz which is consistent with the last scan I had a few weeks ago, so I got the all-clear. I got a quick look at his profile but it was mostly the back of his head because of his position, but it was great to see the placenta still looks good and the blood flow through the chord is still good!

pregnancy blog 38 weeks pregnant blog

(Photo is 18 vs 28 vs 38 weeks!)

My next appointment is my 40-week appointment! That’s when we will book a stretch and sweep if I’m still pregnant and talk about induction around 41 weeks. I’m really hoping I go into labour naturally but I will probably take an induction if offered, I know it is meant to be more painful but after looking into it, it’s better for the baby to be out as the placenta can start to pack in and there’s a greater risk of him passing meconium in the womb, which really scares me. If my water breaks and there’s meconium I think I’ll have a complete breakdown. PLEASE BE CLEAR WATER!

I’ve also started collecting colostrum to store in the freezer. I can’t get loads but I’m going to keep trying as it’s really good to have a stash in case the baby needs it. I’ll probably write a full post about it at some point.

baby bump and piano pregnancy blog

Physically, I am feeling worse and worse by the day. I’m struggling to sleep, the acid reflux is kicking my arse and I’m struggling to get comfy both in bed and on the sofa at night. I had it in my head I’d go to 41 weeks with it being my first but now every day I struggle to imagine what the next day will bring and just want to give birth now, even though I’m terrified!

I really hope that by my next update I’ll have my baby and won’t be typing my 39 and 40-week update while still pregnant!


  1. Pregnancy sounds so rough! Fingers crossed your next post is about how you had a quick and safe delivery! He’ll be more than worth it when he’s out 🙂 xx

  2. I think it’s completely understandable to have and experience all these feelings, from being excited to being terrified. I’m sure I’d feel the same way, especially with everything going on. I remember when I was staying with my sister-in-law and escorting her to hospital for her check ups as she had her first 10 days after the day she was supposed to have him, so we went to hospital every second day for a check up and I always went with her because I was a student back then and my brother was working. From what I remembered, all the women were feeling a whole range of emotion and that’s normal. I think that sometimes the doctors also don’t calculate the time well, because it is hard to guess the exact time of conception if your period is not super regular and sometimes even then. Sorry to hear about your acid reflex getting worse, I know a lot of women suffer with that in their pregnancies and it’s hard because different things seem to work for different people so I’m not sure what to suggest as appropriate treatment. I also don’t know if the medication I used to give to my sister-in-law for her acid reflex is called the same in England.
    Try to relax and get some rest. I’m wishing you all the best with the delivery!

  3. It sounds absolute hell!!! Poor you! It doesn’t make me want to do it at all! I hope that the next updates will feature baby in real life. Sending you best wishes.xx

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