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Pregnancy Diary – 7 weeks pregnant: The new worst week

7 weeks pregnant pregnancy diary


Hello, I’m 7 weeks pregnant. I’m about 7 weeks and 6 days.

This is what the baby looks like this week. It’s like Voldemort or something. Then the second photo it looks like a prawn. So strange to think that it’s inside me and I still don’t quite believe it! I hope it gets cuter soon because it really is a face only month can love…

7 weeks pregnant

I’ve still been ill again, despite the medication. Yesterday was the worst in terms of how I’ve felt and the food aversions are getting worse as well as smells. The kitchen smells. The utility room smells. The bathroom smells. All smells that weren’t there before but I can’t stand it. It hits my stomach so hard and I just want to gag.

I was so fed up yesterday and spent the day in bed or on the sofa. I tried to have a bath but couldn’t even wash my hair in it. I ended up getting out with the tips wet (whey), after having been in the bath for almost two hours until it was cold.

The food I can eat has been getting less and less each day and it’s down to bread, crisps and fruit. It’s a bit stressful because I eating is the only thing that helps me feel better but it’s such a pain actually getting the food and then eating it.

Last night I slept on the sofa. I stayed up because I felt too sick to sleep and I when I was falling asleep, I just turned the TV off and went to sleep as I didn’t want to go upstairs and wake myself because I knew I wouldn’t be able to sleep.

Because of this, I didn’t take my pregnancy tablets. I’m taking a mixture of vitamins with folic acid.

This morning when I woke up I felt much better. I remember a couple of weeks ago I didn’t take them and the next day I felt great and did some reading up and read that the iron in these tables can aggravate morning sickness.

I’ve ordered some tablets that are just folic acid that comes tomorrow and I’ve been reading up on natural sources of folic acid and it’s found in orange, orange juice and bread – so I’m not too concerned about missing out on it for just one day. Before I had even read about it I’d already had a glass of orange and toast. I’m really hoping that this isn’t just a coincidence and I’ve really found a way to help my morning sickness because it would be life-changing to have days this good. I’m still not 100% but much better than I was before.

I’m still taking the medication for the morning sickness but it’s helping less and less which I expected as my hCG levels are due to peak over the next couple of weeks.

More bleeding in early pregnancy

Anyway, now on to the bad news. I had more bleeding this morning. This was red, not brown like before. I called the doctor and now have an early scan tomorrow when I’ll be exactly 8 weeks. It seems to have stopped now and I’m hoping and praying that everything is fine and trying not to get myself too worked up. But the morning sickness being better is now an added concern as women often stop having pregnancy symptoms during a miscarriage.

Hoping tomorrow I’ll get to see my baby and week 8 will be better.

(the scan went well but I’ll save it for the next update!)

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