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Pregnancy Diary: 4 weeks pregnant & taking the test

I’m writing this on Saturday 14th March 2020 and I am around 4 weeks pregnant. You see, I knew I wanted to document this and…


I’m writing this on Saturday 14th March 2020 and I am around 4 weeks pregnant.

You see, I knew I wanted to document this and obviously didn’t want to post about it right away. There’s always that worry that something will go wrong then you have to go around telling everyone about your terrible news.

Anyway – yesterday, Friday the 13th March I found I was pregnant.

And yes, our baby was planned.

We booked our wedding for next year but as I’m almost 34, I didn’t want to leave it too late and if I’m having a child after the wedding, I’d be 35 or 36 when the child was born which is fine, but when if I wanted another, I’d be approaching 40. It’s not the age that bothers me, it’s just the possible decline in how fertile I am, or if it came to light I had issues getting pregnant then I’d be limited on time.

So we decided to try and have a baby before we got married. Which didn’t leave a massive window!

I have done loads of research, read others experiences and I kept reading a lot about how women were trying to get pregnant for months and years, so I honestly wasn’t feeling that hopeful that it would work. I had three months before we would have to call it quits unless I wanted to walk down the aisle ready to drop or with a newborn.

So, I did the usual app tracking. Did the deed around 5 days in a row around the time of ovulation and then spent the next couple of weeks going out of my mind over analysing the signs.

I swear I felt cramps a week before my period was due, which I read could be implantation or could just be a normal period pain. I started feeling a bit sick here and there.

Then the Friday I felt so sick. I almost had to pull over in the car on the way to work.

When I got home I decided to take one of the cheap £1 strip tests I had bought. I didn’t want to waste the expensive ones. I was planning to wait a few more days but it’s so long waiting to take that test!

Anyway, I took the test and a very faint line appeared.

I know from my research that even a faint line means pregnancy. I rolled my eyes at other women asking if it was positive and then go on to take 10 more tests. But when I was looking at my test, a faint positive, I felt the same: is this real? am I really pregnant? Is this a false positive? Is it a cheap test so faulty?

So I took the other one. Same, a faint line.

4 weeks pregnant positive pregnancy test

Two positives.

I spoke to my boyfriend over Facetime as he was at work and he was excited but I still wasn’t sure.

So I took a ClearBlue test. The blue + showed up straight away. A third positive. I was still sure it was real. There is no way.

I bought two more tests to test the next day.

On Saturday (the day of writing this) I got a positive too.

I still can’t believe it. Today I keep getting waves of sickness, some cramps and I’m hoping that the sickness will die down. I am due to have started my period today and I am still afraid that it will happen and then it was just a chemical pregnancy or something. I am so sure my period is going to come.

I cannot believe I conceived in my first month of trying. I am so incredibly lucky and just want to give others hope that it does happen, so don’t get dishearted by other peoples stories where they can’t conceive or it takes a long time.

It would be amazing if every woman could get pregnant this quickly as waiting those two weeks between trying and the test was so painful. The whole idea of having to wait for another cycle if I wasn’t pregnant was killing me so I can’t even comprehend how terrible it must feel to get your period time and time again. I understand I am so lucky and I have never once taken that for granted. I’ve even felt a bit guilty about it at times when I read of other peoples struggles.

Here are a few things that I think could have helped me conceive after only a month:

  • I came off birth control around 9 months ago so there was no ‘waiting’ to get the pill out of my system
  • I don’t smoke/do drugs
  • I haven’t had a drink since New Years Eve
  • I exercise 4-5 times a week
  • I am a healthy weight
  • I eat well
  • I limited caffeine intake to 1 cup a day
  • Only had sex once a day (apparently it takes a day to rebuild ‘quality’ sperm so having sex multiple times a day can harm your chances).

Obviously, I am no medical professional, but I do think these factors helped me conceive so quickly.

It could be a total fluke that things were in the right place at the right time (wheyyy), but I like to think the points above did help increase my chances.

So yes, that is how I found out I am pregnant!

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  1. hahaha! It did make me chuckle at taking all the tests. I did the same and rolled my eyes at people taking multiple tests.
    Good on you for falling pregnant so soon. Stay safe & good luck with the rest of your pregnancy. x

  2. This was really interesting to read! You are really lucky that it happened so quickly! In fact, I am amazed!!!!!

    1. Hahahah I think it’s quite common to take loads! It starts to be a bit reassuring when you can’t believe it!

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