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Pregnancy Diary – 15 & 16 weeks pregnant

Here’s my 15 and 16 weeks pregnant blog post updates for you. At the start of 15 weeks, I got a phone call from the…


Here’s my 15 and 16 weeks pregnant blog post updates for you.

At the start of 15 weeks, I got a phone call from the hospital. Apparently, they had forgotten to call me to tell me that my urine sampled showed signs of infection. The woman on the phone said this was nothing to worry about and asked if I felt ill. Well, I am pregnant and that means I feel ill all the time. So who knows. She said I’d get re-tested at my 20-week scan which was 5 weeks later.

I spoke to some friends who said if I have an infection I needed to be treated and thought it was strange they wanted to wait 5 weeks to re-test. I also wondered if this is why I had been really ill in bed and throwing up. It’s hard to know if you’re ill or just have pregnancy symptoms.

15 weeks pregnant

The next morning, I called the midwife hotline (not the official name, but there’s a number you can call for an hour each morning and someone is there to ask questions to). I told her what happened and she pulled up my notes and it wasn’t actually an infection like the women said on the phone, it was something that could indicate possible infection. I explained I had been really ill and she said I could call the doctors and ask for a re-test. So I called my GP and went down with another sample. I’m really great at doing urine samples these days. It was really strange because due to coronavirus I wasn’t allowed in. The doors to the doctors building were blocked off with chairs and I had to stand outside and wait and converse from outside. I managed to get another sample pot for my next urine sample adventure in a few weeks.

Anyway, they never called me back so I’m guessing everything was okay.

On Saturday we had a street party. We had an invitation through the door saying for a couple who were due to get married but it had been cancelled so we decided to go as it would be nice to meet some neighbours. Everyone sat in a big circle on garden chairs with at least a 2-metre distance and it was really nice to chat with people on our street. Being pregnant is a good conversation starter. I’m not really good at talking to people so it’s nice to have a go-to topic. I was worried everyone would think I was just fat because I’m at that ‘is she or isn’t she?’ stage.

The following week I was on holiday from work. I started to feel a bit crap again and lost another two days to being in bed and feeling fed up as ever. I started to feel better by the end of the week though. By better, I mean that I can manage with the sickness and still get on with things.

16 weeks pregnant

A really good achievement is that I managed to complete my 4-week program without missing any workouts. As you can imagine, I’ve been pretty inconsistent lately. To be honest, I’ve been inconsistent since I hurt my back in August but that’s a different story. Although I don’t feel my normal self yet, the nausea is getting less intense.

A big thing that is bothering me is that I can’t drink still drinks anymore. I’ve been struggling with water for a while and having to put squash in, now that’s even bothering me. I can only drink coke and fizzy sparkling water. It’s frustrating because I know I need to drink more but I just can’t. It sits in my belly and slushes around, it’s making exercise a bit hard because I can’t keep myself adequately hydrated!

In other news, this update means that I am now up to date with them all, so my next one will be in around two weeks!

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