Pregnancy Dairy Week 17 & 18: First Kicks

Hello again.

I’m still hating water and can only drink fizzy drinks. Water still just sits in my stomach and makes me feel blah. I can sometimes drink a small amount of water and it feels good at the time but when I’m done, my belly hates me. It still smells and tastes disgusting.

Something else that has been bothering me – my hips and legs have been hurting at night. Apparently this is due to a hormone called relaxin which relaxes all your tendons and joints to make childbirth easier, a side effect of this is joint paint. I’m fine during the day it just seems to be at night, even if. I sleep with my legs wrapped around my maternity pillow I still get it.


Sickness wise I’ve been a bit better. I still feel sick most of the time but I’ve had a few hours here and there where I’ve not felt any nausea at all. It’s such a treat! But then I also have times when it is intense but it lasts for hours rather than days. The heat seems to make it worse also so I took the hot days off working out to sit in front of the fan.

I’ve also been suffering from acid reflux. I had a few days where it was quite bad, especially at night when I laid down. I’ve been taking Gavison before bed which seems to help. It’s really uncomfortable and isn’t something I’ve suffered with before. Luckily it’s on and off so hopefully, it stays that way.

Now for the fun parts – I think I’ve felt kicks and movement. At first, I wasn’t sure. It was like little bubbles along my knicker line, about 2 inches to the left side (from my belly button). I kept feeling it every so often and then one day I felt a bit of a woosh like maybe it turned around or something?

I was still doubtful because it was very faint and I’ve had a lot of digestion issues so there’s a lot going on in that general area. I can’t wait to feel something more definite though as it’s really reassuring to feel movement and I’m still doubting it!

Workouts are going well, there are times I feel a bit sick but I’m able to work through it. Still staying on track with my program and getting cardio in! I’ve gained a lot of weight while I’ve been sick and eating crap (more than ‘normal pregnancy weight’) so now I’m trying to get a grip of what I’m eating and eat healthier foods!


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