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Pregnancy Diary : 21 & 22 weeks pregnant

Here’s my 21 and 22 weeks pregnant update. Week 21 wasn’t great. I had to have a whooping cough vaccination dead on 21 weeks. The…


Here’s my 21 and 22 weeks pregnant update.

Week 21 wasn’t great. I had to have a whooping cough vaccination dead on 21 weeks. The nurse said I might feel a bit under the weather for a few days. I didn’t think anything of it as when I’ve had flu jabs and the like in the past, I’ve not felt any different afterwards. But this was awful.

22 weeks pregnant

By midmorning the next day I started to feel sick. It got worse during the day and I ended up asleep half the afternoon. The next day I was in bed all day, after a sad attempt at helping to paint the guest room. I started to slowly pick up over the next few days but it was about 6 days in total feeling ill. It was morning sickness type ill too, I’m guessing it triggered it. Just can’t seem to get fully shut of this sickness.

Week 22 was the week my fiancé finally felt kicks! I’ve been feeling kicks for a few weeks but when he’s put his hand on my belly, the baby either stops or they’re not strong enough to be felt. So that part was fun!

We have also painted the baby’s room and ordered the cot and the wardrobe that will be arriving in a few weeks! We’ve started buying a few things here and there but I’m dying to get the room sorted so I can actually have places to put things and put the clothes away.

It’s so strange that the baby is now around 30cm and weighs around a pound. I’m still astonished that my body is growing something and although he’s small, he seems so big to me. I’ve been reading about his growth every day since he was a 0.5mm blastocyst at 3 weeks – (even before I had the positive test at 4 weeks and 1 day, which I know might sound a bit insane but I just felt the need to!).

On a more negative note, I’m getting stretch marks on my inner thighs. I don’t really care though because nobody ever sees them apart from my partner. Same with stretch marks on my stomach if I get them I feel like I’m not that bothered. I always wear swimming costumes on holiday away and never show people my belly! I’m not going to spend loads of money on bio-oil as it seems like a waste of cash when there are cheaper options to help heal stretch marks. You can’t stop them coming, just moisturise and hope they fade!

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