Pregnancy Diary: 33 & 34 Weeks Pregnant

Hello all and welcome to my 33 & 34 weeks pregnant update. All my pregnancy diary blog posts: Pregnancy Diary Week 4 Pregnancy Diary Week…


Hello all and welcome to my 33 & 34 weeks pregnant update.

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Birth Story

33 & 34 Weeks Pregnant

Ah, it’s getting closer now. Scary! So let’s recap the last few weeks.

I finished work for maternity which was great! I had 5 and a half weeks holiday to take so I’m lucky that I can finish so early! Although I’ve had it pretty easy workwise as I’ve been working from home due to covid so I’ve been able to keep isolating and laze about when I’ve not felt well, but work was still on my mind and I had a lot of guilt about it! So it was nice to finish and not have to think about it for 13 months.

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I packed the babies hospital bag also, just need to pack mine now and there are a few things I want to add to each. I have my 36-week appointment on Tuesday and we will go through my birth plan and what to take so things might change a bit depending on that! I want to get mine done in the next couple of weeks so it’s off my mind.

I had an antenatal class over Zoom. It basically covered what to do when you go into labour, when to call and what happens during labour, pain relief and somethings specific to our hospital – like where to go etc. We set up a WhatsApp group at the end and there’s 5 of us in it now.

In terms of stretch makes, it’s the same as last update, just the ones on my legs and hips – none on my stomach yet.

The baby seems fine (I’ve no appointments or anything concerning to me), he’ll be around 6lbs now I think which is scary to think about as some babies are that weight at full term! He moves around a lot still and keeps getting hiccups. I think he is head down? I will get that confirmed at my 36-week appointment.

Tiredness and acid reflux are my biggest enemies right now. I’m uncomfortable and it’s getting worse and worse by the day!


  1. It’s great that you’re finished with work and have started your maternity leave before the baby arrives. It’s only natural to be a little anxious now but it’s probably a really exciting time as well. Get plenty of rest and take care!

  2. Urgh, Acid reflux is awful! I had a spell of that a few years ago and I was really miserable! Glad you were able to take holiday!

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