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Our Baby’s Beautiful Safari Themed Nursery

Ah, I’m so happy to be writing this post! Our safari themed nursery is complete and we now have most of the things we need…


Ah, I’m so happy to be writing this post! Our safari themed nursery is complete and we now have most of the things we need for the baby’s arrival in 10 weeks or so!

Safari themed nursery

Our Safari themed nursery

As my partner is a teacher, we wanted to get this task done during the summer holidays, I also didn’t want to be trying to sort things while I was heavily pregnant and struggling to get around in the third trimester. It seems like ages since we started it, we painted at the start of July but things didn’t start coming together until we for the furniture ordered and delivered in August.

We had a lot of sorting out to do before we started our safari themed baby room. We have two spare bedrooms, this one and one that is a bit bigger, so we had to get rid of some things and squeeze what we could into the other spare bedroom, which now homes my piano, the day bed that turns into a double for a desk, my partner’s guitars, desk and computer.

We have a pile of books in the hallway that were on some shelves we didn’t have space for, we need to get a short bookcase to go on top of the stairs. But that’s for another story.

Anyway, the baby’s room!

We went with a safari theme, which I’m sure you are not surprised if you know me. I love giraffes! Back in March,  I was gifted this safari canvas and based the room around this. The canvas was actually the first thing we got for the baby – I think I was around 5 weeks pregnant when I ordered it!

The paint is from B&Q, it’s from the colour mixing service in-store. We had tried many other colours before that and nothing was right. Everything else seemed too dark or too blue, but this colour was exactly what I wanted.

The cot, drawers and wardrobe are from Mamas & Papas. The cot turns into a toddler bed, you can take the changing station part off the drawers for just a normal chest of drawers and the wardrobe has two rails in, which can be removed when the baby is bigger and has longer clothes.

I also loved this cot set from CuddleCo, but decided to go with the lighter set from Mamas & Papas.

The cot sheets and blanket are from Dunelm – there’s also a bedding set for when it turns to a cot bed which we have. Obviously, we won’t be using the cot to start with, I have a Next2Me crib beside my bed. When we do start using the cot it will just be for naps to start with. The walls near the cot look a bit bare but we didn’t want anything that could fall on the baby or that he could pull down, so that’s how we’re keeping it for now.

My partner’s Mum made the safari nursery curtains and lampshade, I picked the material for them and think they go great with the room! The changing mat is just from Amazon, I wanted something that would go well and think the leaves on it go well with the canvas and the colour theme.

We have been so lucky with clothes – my friend had a baby (her second boy) in June and lots of clothes to give me. All the clothing in the drawers is from her and about half the clothes in the wardrobe are. I was really struggling with what sizes to buy, but thanks to her I now have lots of newborn, up to 1 month and 0-3 month items – mostly vests and sleepsuits. In the wardrobe, we have clothes ranging from newborn to 12 months. I’ve just been buying things I absolutely adore now and sometimes I buy them in a bigger size for summer or next autumn as we have enough for now. I really need some Christmas outfits though!

I hope to gift the clothes to someone else after – it seems such a waste to have clothes that they only use for a short while. Not just a waste of money but a waste of recourses in general.

I nearly have everything now! Just a few bits to get, we need a baby monitor, going to stock up on a few more packs of nappies and wipes and also I need to get a few bits for me for the hospital and just after birth.

People keep saying that we’re so organised, we still have 10 weeks to go, but that’s the best way to be! My maternity starts in a few weeks and I want to be able to relax and look after myself for the last few weeks before the baby arrives, not running around getting things ready!

I’m really happy with this safari themed nursery for now, but when my baby is older, I’ll let him design a childs bedroom he loves.

Safari themed nursery cot
Safari themed nursery window elephant curtains
Safari themed nursery, changing corner
Safari themed nursery cot bedding
Our Baby's Nursery - Safari Theme elephant curtains
Safari themed nursery canvas
Safari themed nursery Safari Theme canvas
Safari themed nursery- Safari Theme wardrobe
Safari themed nursery drawers
Our Baby's Nursery - Safari Theme
Our Baby's Nursery - Safari Theme
Our Baby's Nursery - Safari Theme

Hope you enjoyed our Safari themed nursery tour!

Here’s an update on our nursery and my birth story!


  1. Safari is such a gorgeous theme for a nursery. You’ve put it together so well. You really do seem chilled for a mum to be and that’s amazing. I hope you’re enjoying a little you time now!

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