Should Parents-To-Be Decorate The Nursery?

Should Parents-To-Be Decorate The Nursery?

There are questions in life that create a chasm between different opinions; questions that immediately cause a storm of impassioned answers. For example, asking someone whether or not they iron their bedsheets is sure to be fervently answered, with people feeling strongly about whichever side of the divide they fall on.

For new parents, one question that causes outpourings of differing opinion is whether or not they should decorate the nursery prior to the birth. Lots of poeple where I work are pregnant, as are a lot of my friends, so it’s something that keeps popping up. If you’re currently expecting and are pondering this question yourself, then it’s worth taking the time to examine the arguments on both sides.  

Let’s do just that; with the information behind these strong opinions explained, you will be able to make an educated decision. So: Should expectant parents decorate the baby’s nursery prior to the birth?

Should Parents-To-Be Decorate The Nursery?

NO: You Won’t Care About Decor

We all know that the first few months of new parenthood are… testing. Sleep deprivation is going to dominate. You are barely going to be awake enough to acknowledge a carefully-chosen wallpaper in the midst of nursing a new baby. Why spend money on decorating and furnishing a room that is going to be purely functional?

YES: Decorating Is A Source Of Happiness

There is a certain joy in decorating a nursery. You’re preparing for your baby to come home, to begin their life and your journey as a parent. You might delight in selecting decor that is just right for your baby, revelling in the task of finding the perfect mural from and the most exquisite furniture you can find. This may make you feel like you’re already providing for your child, taking care of them– and that’s a feeling that should always be indulged.

NO: Babies Don’t Care About Decor

This is, undeniably, true.

YES: Decorating Helps Parents Feel Prepared

While the baby might not care about decor, parents can. You might need to feel that you have got everything ready for the baby, to try and ease your mind as a new parent. You may feel reassured as you work through the safe nursery steps listed at and put the finishing touches of decor in place– it’s essentially an extension of the nesting instinct.

NO: Babies Will Sleep With Their Parents For The First Few Months

Again, this is undeniably true; most parents prefer to have their baby sleep with them for the first few months, so the nursery will go unused.

YES: It’s Better To Decorate Before You Have To Worry About The Baby

Paint fumes, the noise of renovations; it’s not a wonderful environment for a baby to be in. This argument suggests that you’re best to complete decorating work prior to the birth– you will have to decorate the nursery eventually, so it’s best to get it out of the way before the baby arrives.

Should Parents-To-Be Decorate The Nursery?

Choosing whether or not to decorate a nursery is a very personal decision. Decorating is by no means necessary, but if you find it beneficial for other reasons, then the “no” arguments are relatively easy to brush aside. Ultimately, you just have to do what feels right for you and your growing family.

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  • Mica

    We never really decorated our boy’s nurseries much – like you said, they spend a lot of the first year sleeping with us anyway. We go for themed linen sets for the cot and have a few prints up, but we didn’t paint or anything like that!

    Hope you are having a nice week 🙂

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