Zita West Fertility and Pregnancy Products

Zita West has 40 years of experience as a midwife and started a clinic in 2001 to help couples with fertility issues. She also has a range of products aimed at women trying to a baby, pregnant women and for post-pregnancy.

As I’m in my third trimester – I was very interested when I had the opportunity to select a couple of products to try.

I picked the Beautiful belly stretch mark cream and Vitamin D spray.

I’ve been using the belly balm for a couple of weeks now. It’s got a slight scent – it smells somewhat medical and is made from natural plant oils. Which I like about this is that the product does not promise to prevent or get rid of stretch mark. Finally – a brand that gets me. I get very frustrated when people are like ‘have you been using bio-oil, it stops stretch marks?!’. I just want to bang my head against the wall. Whether you get stretch marks or not depends mostly on genetics and the best way to give rid of them is to give it time and moisture. There’s no quick fix!

This belly balm aims to prevent itching (I’ve not had any yet!) and help with any tightness. Moisutring your stomach will help keep it supple during pregnancy. Not only that but getting out of the shower and moisturising your belly can really help mentally – like having a good skincare routine just makes you feel much better and fresher.

I opted for the vitamin D spray because my midwife said I should be taking it. It’s common knowledge that most people are deficient in vitamin D, but it’s really important to supplement during pregnancy as it regulates the amount of calcium in your body to help teeth, bones and your muscles. It’s really important to take it during pregnancy and breastfeeding. I liked the idea of the spray as some pills have made me feel ill in the past when my morning sickness was bad so I needed a different approach psychologically!

You just spray it on your tongue once a day and that’s it. I keep this in the bathroom by my toothbrush and just spray it on after I’ve brushed my teeth.

Zita West Fertility and Pregnancy Products Zita West Fertility and Pregnancy ProductsZita West Fertility and Pregnancy ProductsZita West Fertility and Pregnancy ProductsZita West Fertility and Pregnancy Products

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  • Lilli

    Hello Corinne! Glad you enjoyed the products, the brand seems very good with long experience in the market. We know each other from the start of the blog and I’m so happy for you my dear <3

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