5 important things to consider when decorating a piano space

AD| Decorating a piano can be hard going! I’ve styled my piano a few different ways so far, but I wanted my piano room to…


AD| Decorating a piano can be hard going! I’ve styled my piano a few different ways so far, but I wanted my piano room to be functional as well as stylish. I say piano room – what I really mean is my piano corner! As you know from my previous post about our spare room/guest room, our spare room is a multifunction room! It serves as a piano room, an office, a guitar studio and a guest room.

I mentioned in that post some future plans we have for the room. And we’ve been making small changes to make those small changes a reality. I finally got around to styling my piano area again. I’ve been searching loads on Google and Pinterest and didn’t find many ideas for decorating a piano, so thought I would do my own post on what I decided to do in the end!

decorating a piano space pin with an image of a piano styled in dark academia aesthetic

Decorating a piano – things to consider:

1 – Functionality: 

The most important thing you need to think about before decorating a piano is to consider your main needs. I wanted my piano area to be functional, not just a beautiful place to play music. The main issue I had was that I have a lot of piano books in a dusty pink box under the piano. It’s hard to find the music books I wanted.

So I wanted to be able to find my piano sheet music with ease.

That was the main goal for me: storage for my piano sheet music.

2 – Aesthetic:

As this room is multifunctional, my piano area had to fit in with the rest of the room. I really liked the aesthetic of how I decorated and styled my piano the first time. I guess it’s kind of dark academia aesthetic with the antique hourglass and dome lamp.

I wanted to keep it similar.

3 – Amount of space:

I literally have a wall that is the length of my piano to work with.

I would LOVE to have a whole room with a grand piano and old fashioned bookcases. I’d probably go full out dark academia or light academia inspired when decorating a piano room! that size In our next house, we hope to buy one with more space so I can have room for a grand piano or an upright piano!

But because of the lack of space, I used the wall and itself for storage!

4 – Cost:

I’m trying to be as frugal as possible as I’m on maternity leave so I only had a small budget for this. This meant I’ve used things that we already have and some things that were sent to me. I actually didn’t spend anything as I used stuff I already owned!

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5 – DIY skills required

Depending on your budget and how much time you have, you might need to calm down a little on some of your dreams!

I kept the DIY required to a minimum here. As the wall was already painted when we decorated our spare room, all I needed to do was put the shelf up. I have a fiancé for that, wahoo!

Of course, I could have done more, some people even paint their pianos in different colours but I didn’t want to do that. I wanted to keep the piano intact in case I want to sell it when I upgrade as it was quite expensive!

I would love it to be against an exposed red brick wall, as I think that would look lush, but that’s not possible in this house!

decorating a piano space with an image of a piano styled in dark academia aesthetic

Decorating my piano space

Here’s how I decorated my piano space!

As I’ve already mentioned, we already painted our spare room last summer when we were decorating Leo’s safari themed nursery.

I was happy with this colour as it goes well with the throws and cushions I got for the day bed.

The next thing was the shelf. I was gifted this Live Edge Collection shelf from Baytree Interiors. It’s exactly the style of shelf I was looking for. If I didn’t have the opportunity to get this shelf gifted, then I would have bought some more of these rustic shelves we have in our kitchen.

This shelf is made from Indian acacia wood which has such lovely charm! The metal frame looks lovely with the wood and compliments the piano really well and the perfect shelf for my dark acediema aesthetic! They have a range of sizes in this shelf so there’s something for everyone. There are some lovely pieces in the full collection.

Other items I love from this collection:

View the whole collection here.

decorating a piano space image with an image of a piano styled in dark academia aesthetic

I used the shelf to put my most used sheet music on. I have a range of music from classics from Chopin and Bach to exam music from Trinity and ABRSM that I play the most

My wooden elephant sits perfectly on this shelf too. I got it from Dunelm over a year ago and it’s always lived on my piano!

The hanging heart is something that we’ve had around for ages but it’s not had a proper home. The first year that me and me partner got together, he decorated my house for Christmas while I was at work and this is one of the decorations he got for me so it’s something a bit special.

The vase is also something I picked from Baytree Interiors. Yes, it actually a Christmas vase but I think it works very well! I put this dark pampas grass in that I had already. Eventually, I’ll invest in a dry flower bouquet, something similar to this one.

image of a vase with pampas grass on a piano

Then the only thing left was to put my sand timer in place – which I actually used to use quite often. When I want to focus on something for an hour, I just use my hourglass sand timer and don’t look at my phone! This stops me from being distracted. But I don’t get that much time anymore, my piano practices are more like 20 – 30 minute sessions running through some pieces! The hourglass was also from Dunelm at the start of last year.

There’s also my grade 6 keyboard certificate I got when I was a teenager. I had Electric Keyboard lessons for about 10 years as a child – which is why when I started my piano lessons I was able to get to grade 5 in a year. I already had a good knowledge of music and just needed to work on my left hand playing single notes instead of chords.

I haven’t done any piano exams though, and don’t plan on it. I just play for enjoyment. I’d love to start having piano lessons again but it’s pointless now as I don’t have enough time to practice. Until then, I have this lovely space to practice in!

I actually visited my piano teacher last week and she met Leo! She lives very close to us and I made sure I cut my nails before. She was always saying I needed to cut my nails as you can hear them tapping on the piano keys!

decorating a piano space with an image of a piano styled in dark academia aesthetic

Hope you enjoyed these tips about me decorating my piano and seeing another snippet of my home, don’t forget to have a look at Baytree Interiors, they also have a physical shop if you would rather visit in person, just check out their store locator. I’d love to hear what you think about the design of my piano room in the comments below! I’d love to hear if you’ve got experience in decorating a piano space or any other type of music room!

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  1. This looks so lovely! I love that you added the shelf above for your sheet music so it’s easier to find! The hourglass looks amazing on the piano too 🙂 Great job 🙂 xx

  2. This looks like a lovely space! Your piano decoration is amazing, I love the acacia shelf and the hourglass! I think it’s a great idea to keep time without having a phone around! x

  3. Great post! I love the way you’ve decorated yours; the shelf and elephant are some really nice touches! Thanks for sharing x

  4. This looks lovely. You’ve done a great job of styling the space. I think I need to show my fiancé this post, our entire spare room is dedicated to his various instruments and recording equipment and he does not keep it looking as nice as this haha!

  5. This honestly looks so good – I really agree with the space aspect we have a piano at home and it takes up a fair bit of space. I also think the cost is important x

  6. Thanks so much for the tips, husband and I both don’t play so chances are we will never get one hahaha

  7. This is such a unique post and so interesting! The finished product looks amazing I would love to learn how to play piano!

  8. The space looks great, It’s very well designed and looks so inviting. You wouldn’t want me playing though, i’d scare even the neighbors. I love the different accents on the self too.

  9. You have created a lovely space. It didn’t occur to me that the vase was a Christmas one until you mentioned it in the post, I think it looks lovely.

  10. I love the way you’ve decorated this space! We also have a piano in our home and it can be quite difficult to know how to make it look its best. I love the idea of a shelf above with the music on – at the moment we just have a plastic box underneath full of books and it looks terrible! Also LOVE the hourglass!

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