How to decorate a white wall

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Decorating a white wall can feel like a headache sometimes because the possibilities are endless. This can leave you going back and forth as you try to choose the perfect style, so you can spruce up your home.  

With so many possibilities to pick from, we’ve put together a list of some of the best ways you can decorate your white wall and these vary in cost, so there should be an option for most budgets. Read on to see what you can do to decorate your white wall today.

Start by creating the right blank canvas

The first stage of this process is to create the perfect backdrop for your decorations. You should always start by adding a fresh lick of paint to extend the lifespan of the design and this is especially important if it’s been between five and ten years since you last painted the wall

You may then choose to add design features such as the alcoves. These allow you to add some extra character to your room and provide extra storage space, which we know is always popular with homeowners.

Elevate with plants 

The green hues of plants look wonderful against a white background and it helps them to stand out. Plus, looking after plants can be difficult for some but placing them in a room with bright white walls can give them the necessary indirect sunlight they need to grow. 

An example of plants that thrive in these environments is the Monstera deliciosa – or Swiss Cheese Plant as it’s more commonly known. Gardening expert, Samantha Jones shared with Hammonds Furniture that “If the plant is left in the dark, it will exhibit negative phototropism, which is when the leaves grow towards the dark rather than the light”. This is something you can avoid by placing the plant near a white wall.

Add artwork 

Artwork is a great way to inject colour into your room and the white background will bring the colours to life. For families, this is a great opportunity for putting up paintings done by your kids to show off their work. 

You may also choose to create a mishmash of different frame types and sizes to fill a large wall. These offer a stylish look and let you add your favourite art designs in a simple yet effective way. Plus, you can switch up the artwork in the frames whenever you fancy a change. 

Combine colours 

There are lots of great colours that go with white walls to help make the space stand out. Focus on painting the wall trim or if your wall has a window, you can pick a curtain colour that will complement the white background. 

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