Decorating Our Spare Room

I’m not really sure what to call our spare room. A guest room, our second bedroom? Our music room? Before I was pregnant, we had…


I’m not really sure what to call our spare room. A guest room, our second bedroom? Our music room?

Before I was pregnant, we had two room spare rooms. One had the daybed that pulls out into a kingsize guest bed in it along with my piano and the other had a desk, a computer, my partners guitars, some IKEA shelves with books/DVDs/STUFF (aka crap) on and a spare wardrobe which contained my work clothes an workout clothes.

We changed one of the rooms into the baby’s nursery and we had the task of trying to decide how to use the space in the other room to make the most of it.

It was quite an issue because the room is classed as a double, but probably a small double and wherever you put the day bed, it just took up all the space.

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We decided the main things we needed to keep was the daybed to use a guest bed (and also to sleep separately in later pregnancy when I’m up and down/tossing and turning all night! and also with my partner has work we may also sleep separately so I can do night feeds/changes without disturbing him). The other main things were my piano and the desk and guitars.

So the day bed is big and so is the desk as it’s studio desk with speakers and all the fancy stuff to hook the guitars up to the computer.

Anyway, we got rid of the IKEA shelves (the books are currently piled up in the hallway – well need to do SOMETHING with them) and got rid of the wardrobe. All my work clothes are packed away for next year and my workout clothes are also packed up until after the baby is born. I have no idea what I’ll do with them when I need them but I am trying not to think about that for now!

As I already styled the daybed with greys and dusky pink, we went with a dusky pink for the walls. I tried to help paint, but I was quite ill with morning sickness at the time and ended up going back to bed after the first coat! I think I was around 20 weeks pregnant and had just had my whooping cough vaccine which made me ill for a bit! There are lots of paint and paint accessories here if you need to get some!

Anyway, this is how the room turned out in the end. It’s not exactly ideal as the door opens on to the side of the bed but it’s all we had to work with!

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piano room

ikea day bed styled


  1. Your spare room looks great. Very simple and elegant- simply perfect. My spair room is so full of things it looks like another storage room. I have plans to turn it into a guest room but at the moment it serves as a sort of improvised office room albeit a crowded one. Have a nice weekend!

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