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Starting my gallery wall // Desenio Review

AD| I’ve been looking for some beautiful artwork to put on my living room walls for weeks but I had no idea what I wanted….


AD| I’ve been looking for some beautiful artwork to put on my living room walls for weeks but I had no idea what I wanted. The progress of my living room has been slow. Mostly because I am not good at decorating, I always see myself as a creative person but really struggle with styling my home. I had heard of Desenio from seeing others rave about the prints online and I’ve been on their website a few times, so was delighted for the chance to review their products.

I follow a few home Instagram accounts and I’m always so jealous when I see some of the wall art on these accounts, they seem to just have a good eye for what looks good and it really makes an impact in their homes.

I was interested in Desenio’s gallery walls. So I went straight to the gallery wall section to check them out. There’s lots of example of gallery walls and you can buy the prints from that particular wall which is such an easy option for people like me who are not very confident at creating their own! I spent a good amount of time looking through all the different styled walls. It gave me a good idea of what type of prints I wanted, too.

It’s just a really good way to visually see what they have to offer and how it might look in your home.

desenio review gallery wall tool

Another thing I really liked was the gallery wall tool and that’s what I ended up using to select my items.

Using the gallery wall tool, you can select a background image. I picked a sofa as I wanted my images above my sofa. Next, you can pick a layout of prints, then after that, you can select your prints. Once you’ve selected what you like, you can add frames if you wish and check out!

I played it really safe by just having two images side by side, but I know I’d be able to add more images in the future if I wanted to. Ordering a lot of prints complete with frames can get expensive, so I think adding a few at a time is a great idea! Then in the future, you can always buy new prints and switch up your gallery wall if you want some different wall art.

desenio review gallery wall tool

After ordering my prints, they arrived a few days later. I unpacked them immediately and put the prints inside the frame ready for my partner to put up. I was worried they wouldn’t look right together because the two prints are very different, but I’m glad I took the chance because I love how they turned out and think they go great with the rest of our room. We’ve had so many people compliment them already.

As you can see, Leo is a fan of my new prints! I’m excited to change things up in the future, I’d love to add some more prints to this wall and rearrange them every now and again to give my room a quick and easy makeover.

desenio review two prints with baby on sofa

I love the variety of prints on Desenio, I like going to the ‘new in’ section to see what new things they have. I’ve seen some lovely lime prints which has got me wanting to put a full gallery wall in my kitchen with some more prints. Also there’s a print with a building that says ‘Darling, you are magic’. I just think that’s beautiful! Now I just need unlimited money so I can put framed prints everywhere in my home!

Have you bought anything from Desenio yet?

desenio review two prints on a wall baby on a sofa two desenio prints on a wall


  1. I love you home decor posts and your taste. I need to breathe some new life into my house with some lovely prints. I love that Desenio give you styling ideas with frame sizes and placements.


  2. I absolutely love these prints and to see how they look with the overall living room! OI would really love to have the chance to decorate, so I need to check Desenio out! Leo seems to enjoy having pictures taken xx

  3. It looks great so far! Gallery walls require a lot of planning and time to hang, it’s going to look awesome when you’re finished. 🙂

  4. I’ve heard such good things about Desenio, that designing tool sounds great! Also Leo is just such a cutie!
    Amy x

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