A few updates to our living room…

We’ve been busying over the last few weeks sorting out our house and getting ready for our baby coming in November.

We’ve painted 4 rooms upstairs and downstairs we have finally picked a TV stand and sideboard.

A few months ago we were looking at a sideboard or something that my boyfriend could put his record player on top, sound system inside and put the records inside but nothing seemed to fit what we wanted. In the end, we ordered a sideboard from Oak Furnitureland and did a bit of DIY on it by raising the shelf inside to enable records to fit (and DVDs fit perfectly on the top shelf) as well as put a hole in the back of it so the wire for the sound control system could be hidden away.

We were finally been able put the DVDs that were upstairs in here to make space for the nursery!

Also, the plant is real and what my Mum got me for her birthday. It’s survived two weeks so far, let’s hope I can be a good plant Mum and keep it alive!

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  • Panty Buns

    The plant from your mum looks exotic and pretty.
    The oak cabinet it’s sitting on looks perfect, and I love the turntable.
    I also love how you adapted the other piece of oak cabinetry for the flatscreen TV and accompanying electronics.
    Your interior design endeavours look fabulous and very practical!

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