How to get free cash : I made over £533 in May for free!

If you’ve ever wondered how to get free cash, then this post is for you. There are lots of offers out there that promise to…


If you’ve ever wondered how to get free cash, then this post is for you. There are lots of offers out there that promise to give you free money, but after signing up you soon realise you have to jump through several hoops to actually get your free cash or gift card. This can often mean completing some other offer that will actually cost you. I do not have time for that. I’m sure you don’t either.

While I’ve been on maternity leave I’ve been trying to make a bit of extra money. I already make money blogging, but I also wanted to look into other ways to make money. I’ve tried a few things in May and wanted to share with you the results.

I’ve found that the best way to make money for free is by using referral schemes. This is where you get a bonus for signing up for something, then you make even more money by getting others to sign up to them. I’ve had some great success with these in May and I’m hoping this will continue through June (and the rest of the year) so I can get some extra cash in my pocket!

Here’s how I’ve been getting some free cash online.

How to get free cash pin

How to get free cash

These tips will get you actual cash in your bank account! A pretty decent amount, too and they are my favourite ways of making money!

Numbrs – £143

I’ve become addicted to Numbrs! Numbrs is a money management tool to help you manage your money and loyalty cards. The app uses Open Banking, which is a government-regulated tool that is a secure way of managing your finances.

Rather than using paid advertising, the app has a fantastic referral scheme and put its marketing budget into PayDay. There’s €50000 up for grabs all together with prizes that range from €10 up to €10000. I know two people who have won €1000. How insane is that?

The chance of winning isn’t guaranteed, but it is high.

I won €10 the first week I entered, €60 the second and €100 the third. That’s a total of £143.02!

All you need to do to sign up is follow this link to create your own account, add a bank account and then you will get a ticket into a draw. You will also get your own referral link so you can recruit friends and get a ticket for future draws!

Find out more about the Numbrs Payday raffle here.

(This offer has now ended)

Ziglu – £40

Ziglu is a way to buy and sell cryptocurrency. I don’t really know much about bitcoin and the like, but you don’t have to. We’re not here to buy and sell crypto, we just want to take advantage of their referral scheme.

If you use my referral link, we both get £5. The money will be in your bank INSTANTLY and you can withdraw it to your bank account immediately. You can then get others to do the same.

£5 might not seem like much. But say you use my link and get £5, then get your partner to use your link so you and your partner get £5 each – that’s £15 which you can use towards a Saturday night takeaway or a few pints down the pub.

Anyway, here’s how to get free cash with this offer:

  1. Sign up using my referral link.
  2. Register your account with your ID and get verified

  3. Go and make a cup of tea

  4. Top up your account with £1 (you will get a sort code/account number to transfer money to)

  5. Use this £1 to buy £1 worth of bitcoin.

  6. The money will then be in your account instantly and you can withdraw it into your bank account immediately.

  7. You can get then get your friends to do the same with your link and you’ll both get £5

I’ve earned £40 by doing this!

An Etsy competition – £350

I don’t usually enter competitions, but I decided to do this one. I’m an affiliate for Etsy through an affiliate marketing program called Awin. They send out newsletters and one told me about a competition they had to write a blog post about your Etsy Favourites and be in with a chance to wince £350. Well, I did it and I won!

I’m unsure how often they do this competition, but I’ve entered two now in two months. So if you are a blogger it’s worth signing up to Awin and applying to be an affiliate!

Here are the two posts I wrote:

It’s encouraged me to enter a few other competitions to try and win!

Total extra money my bank account: £533.02

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Savings & Cashback

Although this is still money,  It’s not actually earnings in my bank account yet I didn’t want to include this in my main total! But here are some offer offers I’ve done lately.

Hopefully this gives you a few ideas on how you can save some cash!

Quidco – £90

My car insurance was due to be renewed in June. I saw that Aviva had an offer on for £90 cashback. So I compared the quote with other car insurance companies and Aviva was actually £80 cheaper than my current renewal offer! So I bought my car insurance with them and I’m now tracking £90 cashback that’s due in December.

Sign up now and use my referral code to get £5 cashback.

Quidco has highlighted and boosted offers. Ones to do with car insurance, holidays, and new phone contracts are particularly good. Now I always check Quidco and TopCashBack before buying anything!

Uber Eats – Saving £24

I’ve started taking note of offers in my email account before deleting them. My partner wanted a takeaway and remember I’d seen an offer for £12 off Uber Eats for new customers that can be used 3 times. So we used that for two takeaways saving £24 all together!

This offer has ended now, but just a reminder to keep a lookout for offers and discounts that land in your inbox! We usually use JustEat and would have paid full price if I hadn’t of looked.

New Look – Saving £25

I bought 4 new dresses from New Look. They have an offer on where if you sign up to their newsletter, you get a coupon code sent to you so you can get 25% off your order!

Just click here to sign up for the newsletter and they’ll send you a discount code for 25% off!

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So there you have it, how to get free cash online.

I’m going to try to make a bit more free money this month! I would like to do some more paid surveys but I keep forgetting to do them! I’ve got a few survey apps to play with when I am nap trapped!


  1. Thank you for sharing Corinne, I love this post! I’ve been hearing a lot about schemes such as this in the past few months and I think I need to check them out. Well done on making yourself a bit of extra cash x

  2. Congratulations on all these! I didn’t know Awin run contest, I need to keep an eye out for them. I did the referral with Numbers and actually won £30, I was amazed! I need to recruit more friends now x

  3. Hi Corinne.

    Some good ideas there for extra cash (which is, of course, always welcome!). I always forget about Quidco until after I’ve bought something – doh! Must try harder 🙂

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