What’s on in my Etsy favourites list?

A few months ago, I joined a Whatsapp group with a group of lovely ladies the UK who had babies around the same time as…


A few months ago, I joined a Whatsapp group with a group of lovely ladies the UK who had babies around the same time as me. Once a month, we do a secret Santa style gift swap! We each buy someone else a gift and got one in return. It’s really fun and sweet to see what people have bought each other.

Last time, I wanted to get my person something special, so looked on Etsy for some personalised gifts.

Before I knew it, I had created myself a bunch of Wishlists for things I want! You can see all my lists here, but I wanted to talk about some things I’ll be buying very soon!

etsy wish list


Baby Whale Walker

I really want to get a walker for Leo in the next few months, this one is so cute! It a blackboard on the side and lots of different activities to help him learn problem-solving skills!

Shop it here. 

3 Giraffes in a Bath Print

I’ve just ordered some giraffe bits for the bathroom, a toilet brush holder, towel ring and toilet roll holder, so I think this print would go nice in the bathroom, too!

Shop it here.

Bamboo Weaning Plate

Shop it here.

Giraffe Face Mask

I’m giraffe mad! It only makes sense I need a giraffe mask. This one is a bit expensive but it’s embroidered. Also, a mask is now probably the first impression we make on a person! So there’s nothing wrong with spending a bit more on it!

Shop it here.

Wipeable Cushion Insert for Antilop Highchair

I’ve just bought the Anlitop highchair from Ikea. It’s a really cheap high chair that you can customise. There are lots of things you get for Etsy for it, such as cushions, footrests, stickers for the legs and placemats which means you can customise it fully! I’ve got my eye on this cushion as well as a footrest.

Shop it here.

Ceramic Curvy Body Vase

I really want to get some dried flowers in a vase and think this vase would be perfect for it! I absolutely love it! Now to pick a colour!

Shop it here.

Fruit and Veg Kitchen Role Play Toy

As you can tell, I really love wooden toys! this is a lovely food plate toy that can help your child to practice cutting, work with fractions and more!

Shop it here.

Have you any favourite shops on Etsy?


  1. You just can’t bear Etsy can you!? I swear, I’m on there all the time looking at all kinds of bits to update my home and garden. I love their personalised bits for little ones, great for baby shower gifts and new babies! The 3 giraffes print is my favourite of your picks!


  2. Oh I love Etsy, I lose hours browsing on there and buy pretty much everyone’s birthday presents from there now!
    Amy xx

  3. I have so much on my Etsy favourites list! That body vase is stunning. Got one similar on mine x

  4. Aww that’s such a lovely idea! I love Etsy, I think most of our wedding bits are from Etsy haha and now our bubbas stuff most probably will be too. I love that cushion insert for the highchair! x

    Megan Elizabeth

  5. I love shopping on Etsy & that’s sweet you joined a group where you do a gift swap!
    The giraffe print is so cute & I want the body vase for myself now!

  6. I absolutely adore Etsy for shopping I buy alot of my blog bits from there as I really enjoy supporting fellow creators. Some really cute bits on this list x

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