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6 benefits of wooden toys for your child

AD| I am a big fan of wooden toys, there are so many benefits to wooden toys for children. In a world of plastic, electronics…


AD| I am a big fan of wooden toys, there are so many benefits to wooden toys for children. In a world of plastic, electronics and other over-stimulating toys, wooden toys not only look better but are actually really good for your child development.

With wooden toys, the possibilities for different types of play are endless. Wooden toys give your child the chance to play many different games.

Wooden toys have been used for centuries because of their durability and natural appearance. While children of today are often surrounded by plastic, it’s important that they have a healthy balance in the toys they play with. In this post, we’ll talk about some benefits of wooden toys and where to buy them!

6 benefits of wooden toys for your child

Why is it important to use wood? Well, wood is a natural and organic material and it’s also very durable. It is resistant to mould and rot, which is why many wooden toys can last for generations without any degradation, whereas plastic may break after only a few years.

There are many benefits of using wood when making children’s toys including that they are: Eco-friendly (allowing the child to learn about sustainability), flexible (making each toy unique), colourful.

But they’re not the only benefits of wooden toys. There are also some educational benefits to wooden toys. Let’s take a look- are wooden toys better?:

Jaques of London wooden abacus

Benefits of wooden toys for your child

1. Developmental Advantage

Are wooden toys better for development? Children learn more from playing with wood than plastic or metal toys. A study published in “Applied Developmental Science” found that children’s language skills, mathematical abilities, and hand-eye coordination were better when they played with wooden toys than with plastic or metal toys. Researchers also found that children who played with wooden toys had higher levels of creativity and imagination.

The study suggests that the benefits of playing with wood might be due to the fact that children use more cognitive muscles when they play with toys made from it. Children are then able to think more creatively about the world around them because their brains are working harder while playing.

2. Wooden Toys Promotes Imagination

When children play with wooden toys, they use their imagination. They can create different scenarios for their toy (e.g., what does the toy eat, where does it live) and make up stories about their toy’s life, which stimulates positive child development by encouraging creativity and social skills.

3. Encourages Problem-Solving Skills

Problem-solving skills are key in today’s competitive environment. But these skills cannot be taught, they have to be encouraged.

The best way to encourage problem-solving skills for your child is by giving an individual space and freedom to come up with their own solutions. The more time children spend on creative activities, the more skilled they become at it. This is why it’s important for children to foster their creativity from an early age and allow them to explore all kinds of avenues.

Jaques of London baby playing with abacus

4. Helps to Improve Motor Skills & Finger Functions

Children are naturally inquisitive and look for ways to learn new skills. However, this can be challenging for them when they are still developing their motor skills. They might not have the dexterity or coordination needed to manipulate objects. This is where wooden toys can help them develop their skills in a way that is fun and easy for them!

Many wooden toys are designed to improve dexterous movement, spatial orientation, and grip strength. They typically come in the form of puzzles or games that tingle senses with colour, sound, texture, weight and shape.

The benefits of these toys are endless! Apart from helping children develop their motor skills, they also help children with disabilities learn how to use their hands better.

5. Stimulates Social Development & Cognitive Thinking Skills

The social development and cognitive thinking skills of toddlers are stimulated through the use of wooden toys. They can use their imagination to role play with friends and family members. As there are so many possibilities with wooden toys, it’s easy to imagine up different scenarios and encourage their imagination to go wild!

We were recently sent a few more wooden toys and I was so excited to pick some new toys for Leo.

Jaques of London baby playing with Abacus

The first thing I picked was an Abacus. Even though Leo isn’t able to count yet, he loves touching things and his pointy finger gets everywhere. He knocks it over so it’s flat and then pushes the counters from one side to the next, which is fantastic for his fine motor skills. This is fun for him to do some independent play.

When I play with him, I count to him and also talk about the colours he is touching. I’m just trying to lay the foundations of colours and numbers for him and hope something goes into his head so he can recognise the words and their context.

Baby playing with Jaques of London toys

The second thing I picked was these building blocks. I did get some sensory blocks for him before and he loved playing with them, so I knew he would love these. You get so many! Thankfully, there’s a drawstring bag that you can store them in otherwise they would be everywhere. He currently throws them, bashes them together and tries to copy me by putting them on top of one another. He can’t quite get there yet but I’m sure he will eventually.

And as he gets older, we will be able to talk about the colours and shapes and start building things!

Leo has about 8 wooden toys from Jaques now and they are always favourites for him to play with. I tend to rotate his toys so he plays with just one or two at a time, rather than overwhelm in with lots.

Do your children like wooden toys? Did you know about all the benefits of wooden toys?


  1. We live the Jacques wooden toys. Not only do they look more aesthetically pleasing, but the benefits for development are amazing too. Love what you’ve picked here, I know Amelia would love both of these.

    Claire. X

  2. I use to absolutely love wooden toys as a child, I think they spark imagination! You’ve shared some great reasons here. Thank you so much for sharing Xo

    Elle –

  3. Very interesting. I’m naturally kind of cynical about things but that research is intriguing. Theoretically it does make sense. Plastic toys “give” you an experience, whereas wooden ones you have to create it yourself. All that aside, this made me miss my wooden toys from days gone by! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Wooden toys are such a great idea. I remember having wooden toys as a child and they are still going today. They last so much longer than plastic toys. These are some great reasons to choose wooden toys for your children or loved ones.

    Thank you for sharing. I hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas and enjoy seeing in the New Year.

    Lauren –

  5. I did not know about all these benefits – to be honest, these look incredible and it looks and sounds like Leo really enjoys them! Wooden toys are just so much more durable, as well as you mentioned use different parts of the brain which is so important in today’s world of overstimulation. Thanks for sharing.

  6. I had wooden blocks similar to these when I was younger and I adored them! It definitely promotes imagination & it’s much better for the environment. A win-win 🙂

  7. Wooden toys are perfect for passing down kid to kid in a family too, as they are so durable! I love that you went with building blocks here; it is a wonderful way for kids to start learning about how to balance things and make little toy houses.
    Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  8. Yay, this is great to know, since I had a lot of these toys for my kids when they were young. Glad they are beneficial and that I was doing the right thing! =) Thanks for sharing.

  9. Definitely prefer wooden toys. Too much plastic crap in the world!
    Also cardboard boxes provide much fun and entertainment! @thepigeonsnest on Insta does lots of cool stuff with cardboard!

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