Why I use blog stock photos from Etsy

For the past two months or so, I’ve been putting a big effort into my blog! I was in a bit of a blogging slump…


For the past two months or so, I’ve been putting a big effort into my blog! I was in a bit of a blogging slump for the previous year (mostly due to a physically difficult pregnancy). Then I decided to give my blog a makeover and changed my WordPress Blog theme. I bought my new theme from Etsy. This then opened up a whole world of blog resources for me. I started to discover you can buy a lot of things from Etsy to make your blog look more professional and save yourself some time and money. One thing I’ve been looking at lately is blog stock photos..

You might ask yourself, how are you saving money if you are BUYING blog resources from Etsy and other sites? Well – you save money on the backdrops and props. I used to have a vinyl backdrop that I paid £30 for. When we were sorting our house out, I decided to get rid of it as it had been in the wardrobe for over a year without use. I am a bit sad now because I really want it. I want THAT EXACT ONE and feel annoyed that I’d have to buy it again. I decided to just buy a pack of Etsy blog stock photos instead, I paid £6.35 for the images in this post and got 11 high res images that I can use over and over again! I can crop them, add text, make pins and it’s much cheaper than getting the background and then props. Although I do want a new backdrop soon for taking product photos, this was a no brainer investment for me.

blogger stock photos pinterest image my fav blog stock photos

I was using stock photos from Canva, I had the pro version so I could use all their stock photos. But I found their licences confusing. There’s a lot of photos that you can only use in ONE design. And you can’t use them outside a Canva template. I like consistency in my blog photos so decided to buy a pack that I could use however many times I wanted for consistency in my branding. I think I’ll probably buy a new pack of blog stock photos every couple of months.

My favourite Etsy blog stock photos. 

etsy stock photos
etsy stock photos
etsy stock photos
etsy stock photos

These are my favourite Etsy stock photos for blogging. I’ve made a favourites list on Esty that you can look through. You get high res images so you can use them as an individual image or you can crop it to make different images.

I’ve also got lists of other blogging items if you are interested! And some baby things. You can view it here.

Have you ever bought any stock images for blogging or other blog resources from Etsy?


  1. We tend to take 99% of our pictures, but with work full time and uni and everything… it’s proving very difficult! We love all the ones you have on your blog and the ones you have shared here look amazing, so we might even consider buying some now… thank you x

    1. I do prefer to take my own but sometimes it’s just easier to use stock for certain posts, especially blog tip ones!

  2. I haven’t bought anything from etsy yet actually. For stock photos, I might have bought since I don’t like photography, but I draw my own illustrations now so I don’t need them haha.

  3. If I only had the money, I’d buy as many stock photos from Etsy or from anywhere unique for my blog! I, too, would love my photos to be consistent to my blog but I guess I’ll just have to make use of what I have for now. It’s nice that you’ve created a list for these stock photos… so helpful. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Oo, I am going to check out your list on Etsy! I am in love with the images you share and, while they may not be relevant to what I am doing now, I love knowing where I can find great photos with consistent colors and themes, especially for pins.
    Thanks for sharing!

  5. I never used stock photos on my blog up until about 4\5 months ago… When I started taking things a bit more seriously. Photography isn’t really my strongest point, nor do I really want it to be\cba and I think stock photos really can be the way forward. I think there was a pride thing in the back of my mind originally which meant I wouldn’t even look at stock photos, but they’ve really helped elevate the look of my blog!


    1. Yeah, buying them also means they’re more unique than the free ones you find so I like that aspect too!

  6. Wow, there’s such a good collection of photos here!! I only use my own photos, canva’s stock images or unsplash, and I never thought about using Etsy! Definitely going to have a search on there. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  7. Yess I need this blog post in my life. I try to use my own snaps as much as possible for my own blog posts but it’s not always easy. For my job, I’m always on the look out for stylish stock photos that match the vibe of the company


  8. I had no idea that you can get images that look amazing and they are so affordable too. I only use my photos, but I might consider getting some if I can’t take photos myself.

  9. Wow, I never would have though to check Etsy for stock photos or blog layouts. Now you have me feeling inspired!

  10. Hi Corinne,

    Well, that’s my ‘something new’ learned for today – I never knew that you could get images from Etsy. I’ll add it to my list of image sources (for when Harvey doesn’t want to pose for the camera! 😉 )

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