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How my WordPress theme has changed over the years (2012 to 2021)

When I posted last week about changing WordPress theme and redesigning my blog, I had a look back on this post about how my blog…


When I posted last week about changing WordPress theme and redesigning my blog, I had a look back on this post about how my blog has evolved over the years. I wrote that post in February 2015, which means 6 years have passed since then!

This made me reflect upon my website and the growth I’ve experienced since then.

how my blog has changed over the years pinterest image with image of WordPress theme

Where it all started.

Just a quick recap – my blog started in 2012 as a fashion blog over on Blogger. I didn’t know anything about blogging, I just posted photos of myself in dresses. Over time, I started to improve my photography, invested in a DSLR and branched out to other topics.

skinnedcartree blog in 2012 screenshot of blogger blog theme

Eventually, I started feeling quite restricted by being a fashion blog. I was also running out of clothes! There was a point where most of my topics were beauty products and I did want to change to beauty, but really that just isn’t something I am interested in enough. One day I decided to change that text under my header from ‘UK fashion blog’ to ‘UK lifestyle blog’.

My previous WordPress Themes.

Since my last post in 2015, I’ve had 4 theme changes. It’s a bit cringy how awful my blog looked back in 2012, but that’s how all blogs looked back then! You couldn’t get as many pretty themes as you can now.

From 2015 to now.

In late 2015 I had another blog makeover. I loved this design when I first got it! I kept my familiar header font but changed the colours. When I first installed this blog theme, I remember I kept looking at it, then going onto my phone and looking at it on there, too!

skinnedcartree WordPress blog theme from 2015

My blog was still a lifestyle blog and I was still blogging daily. Actually, I say still – this was after about two years of daily blogging. I managed to blog every day for five years. I have no idea how!

In late 2017, I switched again to this design. It wasn’t too different from my previous design but looked a lot cleaner.

skinnedcartree 2017 blog WordPress theme

In the middle of 2019, I switched again. I only changed the theme because of the issues that came to light with Pipdig themes. As you can tell from the tagline, I switched it from ‘UK Lifestyle Blog’ to ‘blog tips and social media growth’.

This was when I was trying to post more blog tips and niche out a bit. I’ve always been a bit conflicted with my blog, I know you need to have a niche to do well for SEO, but I’ve always struggled to pick a topic as I tend to blog about things that are relevant to my life at that point!

skinnedcartree 2019 blog screenshot of WordPress Theme

I also made the decision to stop daily blogging in 2019. It just wasn’t working for me anymore. I had too many other things that I wanted to do.

To be totally honest, I stopped putting a lot of effort into blogging. Probably for a long time I was posting for the sake of it. I wanted to only post things I was proud of, not anything just for the sake of keeping my’ daily blogging’ status.

My current theme.

As you can see, this theme was pretty similar to my previous one!

After I stopped blogging daily, I got into a bit of a slump. Then I got pregnant so went a bit of the radar for about a year! I wasn’t posting much as I was really ill with morning sickness during the first trimester and beyond! Then when I had the baby, I spent the first few months focusing on him.

skinnedcartree current wordpress theme

Now that we are trying to get into a routine, I’m back into blogging so invested in a new theme. I always find getting a new theme I love really motivating! Hopefully, I will love this one for a long time and it will inspire me to keep creating content I am proud of.

I also changed it back to ‘UK lifestyle blog’ as although I do love to write about blogging tips and it is something I am passionate about, lots of other people also share these types of posts.

When I first starting sharing blog tips, hardly anyone else did so they used to do really well and get lots of traffic as they would go a bit mini-viral (like 50 or so retweets, 200 likes) on Twitter. Also, due to me taking a lot of time out I’m a bit behind on the latest news and updates around SEO and social media!

Buy a beautiful new WordPress Theme now.

Are you on the hunt for a new WordPress theme? These are 5 beautiful & feminine blog themes that I almost  bought when looking for my current one:

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So, that’s the journey of my blog from 2012 to now. What has your journey been like?


  1. Ah I love this! I still remember my first theme I chose when I was on a free WordPress account, I really liked it at the time! I’ve switched up themes sooo many times. I’m never really happy with what I have and I’m already thinking about switching again but this time I’m actually going to splash out on a really beautiful theme – when I have the guts to do it!

  2. I absolutely love your rebrand, I haven’t seen another blog using your template and I feel like it really reflects your life now!

  3. I love seeing how your blog has evolved over the years! I can remember my simple blogspot layour that I had back in 2013, it’s crazy how things evolve and change x

  4. This was such a lovely post! I love seeing how everyone eveolves on their blogs during the years, I think my first one would make me totally cringe but at the time it was the best thing I had seen! Thanks for sharing x

  5. So interesting to see the evolution of your blog over the years! I’ve been pretty consistent with this one although I have dropped down to just posting twice a week with the virus making it so that I get out less. i wear a lot more loungewear on my work from home days when I’m not leaving the house, although the school run means I still get out a few days a week 🙂
    Still using my original blogger template, haha! i’m too lazy to change it!

    Hope you’re having a good weekend 🙂

  6. Such a cool post – so nice to see how your blog has developed over the years! I had a pretty basic theme when I first started my blog but then changed to a much better one when I went self-hosted. Just the other day, I switched it up a little. I haven’t paid for one yet because I’m not very good at making decisions But I’ve seen so many beautiful designs on Etsy!

  7. Your blog has such a long way and changed with you as your life has too, which is how I think a blog should do!

    I changed themes so many times before making the move to Wix! I feel so much more at home there and it reflects me so well Xoxo

  8. Your theme is what made me turn to my sisters and be like ‘this is an insanely cool blog you should read!’ and I was not wrong – I never am LOL
    The amount of themes I have changed in my blogger career are too many to remember, and I don’t have pictures (maybe for the best) but I love this post, it’s such a nice way to reminisce about where you were at the beginning and how far you’ve come!

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