Day 14 – Universal and Shopping

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Weeeehhh!!! Last day of the holiday. What a terrible time. None of us wanted to leave and we decided to spend our last day at Universal. We spent our second day at Universals Island of Adventures and our fourth day at Universal Studios, so we decided to go back and go on those rides we loved for a second time, as well as some others.

We first went to the Island of Adventures, we were all so eager to get back on the Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey Ride, which was amazing! I enjoyed it even more the second time around because I wasn’t as scared and actually opened my eyes for most of it. What a fantastic ride. It’s so strange that a ride can make you feel like you are actually flying over waters and into the Hogwarts Castle!

We went on some rides that we hadn’t been on yet.

The Amazing Adventures of Spider Man.

This was a 3D motion simulator ride. It was good but not as good as the Harry Potter one and the Simpsons ride. The best part was the 400 foot drop at the end!

Popeye & Bluto’s Bilge-Rat Barges.

I love rapids, this was a great one – not too scary but had a few drops in. The queue was long but there were water squirters where those that were waiting could squirt water on those on the ride as they went around! It’s always fun when somebody gets drenched under a waterfall and it’s not you 🙂

We then went over to Universal Studios and went on the Simpsons ride again and the Mummy. The Mummy somehow seemed scarier the second time around!

When we had done, it was around 4pm and we headed home. On the walk back to the Hotel, we stopped off at Walgreen’s where I got loads of nail varnish and a few other things. You might recognise some of them from my NOTD posts.

We then went out to eat and enjoyed our last evening in Florida.

universal florida universal florida

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