Day 10 – Magic Kingdom Fireworks



I honestly don’t think anything in my life could have prepared me for this. You’re all going to think I’m over reacting. Or mental. Or both.
You know how Disneyworld is magical, it’s the place where dreams come true, it’s the happiest place on earth.. I just cannot describe HOW MUCH you really do feel it. 

It’s all about hopes, dreams, wishes, getting what you desire. It’s overwhelming. It’s cheesy. It’s nostalgic. It’s wonderful.

We spent ages waiting for the electrical parade, we managed to find a hidden spot that gave us a clear view as everyone else had got there before us.

After the electrical parade, we wait for the fireworks to start at 10pm. At 9:45, the lights went down and something happened that I didn’t expect.

A show called ‘Celebrate the Magic’. It’s a light show that projects images onto the Cinderella castle and it is absolutely amazing. You can view it on YouTube here

Straight after, the firework show ‘Wishes’ started and now I know that I will never be impressed by any other firework show. You can see it on YouTube too, but you honestly don’t get a feel for the scheme of the thing from the video.

There is just something so amazing about tens of thousands of people all peering up at the sky watching fireworks behind Cinderella castle, by the end of it I just felt like all my insides had fallen to the outside of me. I can’t explain.

I cried basically all the way through the light show and the firework show. I just felt like I could not process how amazing it was so the only instinct I had was to curl up in ball, lay on the floor and sob.

At the end, thousands of people excited the park, I couldn’t even talk about it without crying.

I’m still not over it. 


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