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Some of my most read and shared posts are those that I’ve written to help other bloggers. You can view them all in the Blog Tips tag, or scroll down to view them by category.

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On Social media and networking:  

On Social media and networking:

How to find readers and keep them engaged (ProBlogger guest post)

How to get more engagement on Facebook.

5 things you’re doing wrong on Twitter.

Is Vero the next big thing?

Why I love and hate Instagram so much.

The ultimate list of Twitter hashtags.

Creating your Instagram hashtags.

How to grow your Instagram in 2018

The Instagram Experiment Race to 10k

How to get 1000 new followers in 30 days.

Why I think Instagram is a waste of time.

Instagram Talk.

How to Improve your engagement on Instagram.

How to Increase Twitter engagement.

Why you’re losing Twitter followers.

On writing blog posts:

Basic writing tips for bloggers.

The blog post checklist.

My writing process.

Getting personal on your blog.

5 steps to planning a blog post.

On sponsored posts and working with brands.

Q&A with a PR.

How to run a blog competition. 

8 tips for writing sponsored posts.

When to say no to sponsored posts.

How to write a blog pitch.

Why you should get paid for your blog posts.

Pitching to brands.

On photography and images:

How I edit my blog photos.

Props for blog photos.

Are you legally using blog images?

How to take awesome photos with your phone.

Olympus Pen 45mm lens.

Using images to improve your online presence. 


SEO tips for Blogger and WordPress // Part 1.

SEO tips for Blogger and WordPress // Part 2. 

6 ways to improve Google PageRank.

6 MORE ways to improve Google PageRank.

Google Panda for dummies.

Google Penguin for dummies.

How to use Webmaster Tools for your blog.

What is Alexa rank?

5 tips to improve Alexa rank.

SEO tips for your blog.

On Motivation:

8 time hacks.

7 time hacks for busy bloggers.

5 reasons for blog slumps and how to overcome them.

What is the point of blogging?

5 podcasts to help your blog.

5 bad habits that kill productivity. 

On blog layout:

Keep your sidebar Slick.

How to get your own Favicon.

Tips for new bloggers:

How to analyse and learn from other blogs.

Blogging myths.

Top 10 tips for starting a blog.

Mistakes to avoid if you want to take blogging seriously.

Getting started with your blog or YouTube channel.


How many regular readers do you have?

Should you be creating sharable content?

5 more things that make me leave your blog.

How to level up your blog.

How to blog with no internet.

How to create a media pack part 1

How to create a media pack part 2

Best ways to invest money in your blog.

Must have WordPress Plugins

Take your blog to the next level.

Are your pageviews dropping?

5 ways to annoy bloggers when you email them.

5 good habits to help your blogs traffic.

Things I won’t share online.

Quick things you can do to improve your blog.

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