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Day 1 – The Flight

  Welcome to the second post of my Floriday series! You can check out the previous one, which was the day before the flight when…

Welcome to the second post of my Floriday series! You can check out the previous one, which was the day before the flight when we spent at Bewley’s hotel at Manchester airport. 
So, the first day of our holiday started early. We checked out of the hotel at 8am and went to the ariport. Then we went to Frankie and Benny’s for breakfast, I had eggs on toast and a white coffee. 
We had a little look around the shops and then sat down and waited to bored the plane. It seemed to take ages to set off!

The flight.

The flight wasn’t too bad, we set off around 11am. It was 9 hours but didn’t drag as much as I had expected! I spent the first 4 hours of it on my Macbook writing two blog posts to post in the next few weeks. I then watched a boring film called the Golden Compass, then I bought some wine and watched Frozen while getting drunk and cried at DEM FEELINGS Frozen gave me. By the time that was done it was basically time to land and work on acting normal.
The food quite good for plane food. The main meal was a pasta with chicken in a tomtato sauce with cheese on the top, some cheese and crackers and a chocolate and caramel dessert. A few hours later, they served a light snack of a scone with jam and cream. 

It was fun. I wish I could sit down on my laptop, watching films and getting drunk while people brought me food all the time. The only thing that would have made it perfect was wifi. And a catheter. 

 The Arrival 


We landed and it took AGES to get through customs. There was a security guard who started asking Christine why she pierced her lip and nose. He told a story about when his daughter pierced her tongue and it was a mixture of funny and scary!
Did you know they question you when you go through customs? I was asked how long I was staying in America for, why I was here and who I was travelling with.

After I was accepted into the United States of America (woo), we got our transfer to the hotel. We spent the trip peering out into America and taking it all in. I could not believe how many big trucks Americans drive! Also the amount of U-hauls there were. I saw my first school bus and had to take a photo of it!


The Hotel
We stayed in the International Palms Resort on International Drive. It was a great location and had free wifi, which I instantly connected to while talking to man checking us in, naturally. We had 2 rooms, both with two double beds so we each had a whole double bed to ourselves. The room had a microwave and a fridge. The safe was free too and fit my Macbook in, which was a relief!
The hotel also had a pool, a shop, a restaurant, a pool bar, normal bar, a small arcade and alligators. 

The First Night

We got changed and decided to go for a walk for some food. It was around 7pm Florida time, which was midnight UK time so I was exhausted!

We walked up International Drive to see what was around. There was a fairground opposite our hotel, we saw a 24 hour dentist which offered botox??? and a cool American car. 

It really struck me how touristy it all was! I don’t know why, but I didn’t expect it to be like that! There were gift shops selling the same things everywhere, it was kind of like Blackpool. But hotter. And nicer. And cleaner. And better.


We saw Denny’s and decided to stop there. For some reason we couldn’t find the door and walked around the whole place like nobheads. Ha. We finally found the door and went inside. It was FREEZING. This was the first of many things that confused me about America. Having to wrap up when you go inside somewhere, and strip off when you go outside is just bizarre. The contrast between the outside heat and chilly inside of shops and restaurants was massive!
We shared some nachos as a starter. They were probably the nicest nachos I’ve ever had! I had a bacon burger for my main which was okay but had a sweet sauce on it which I wasn’t keen on. I couldn’t eat the whole thing anyway!
The service was a bit strange and it was something I never really got used to. We asked for the nachos as our starter, when the waitress brought them over, she said our mains were ready and to let her know when we wanted them – this is something I’ve never come across before! Then she kept coming up to us and asking if we were ready from them which made me feel a bit rushed. When she brought the mains over, she didn’t clear the starter plates. 
Throughout the two weeks there were multiple times of plates not being cleared, or not being cleared at the same time and it just was.. weird. I don’t get the sense behind it! Why not clear everyones starter plates together, then bring the main all together? Can any American’s shed any light onto this?
After the food, we went to the supermarket and got a few bits for the hotel room. I got some massive cans of beer! They were almost a litre! We then went back to the rooms and had a drink, the girls played cards while I dicked about online.


So that was the second post in my Florida series. I have loads more photos and adventures to share, so look out for upcoming posts about Disney, Universal Studios, Seaworld and shopping hauls!
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  1. I LOVE long haul flights, I always find that there’s so much to do I run out of time.

    Getting into the US is always a little terrifying, they have guns and glare a lot and ask you so many questions you start to feel like you’re looking shifty. I once filled in my landing card slightly wrong and they sent me all the way to the back of the Q 🙁 It took me an hour to get to the front again!

    LOVE the food in America, they have so much more variety than us and the junk food is amazing 😀

    Chloe x

    1. Yes, guns! I don’t think they even read our card thing? They just kind of took it, I don’t remember I was too scared!

  2. Hello from Spain: I see your plane ride was very nice. I want to travel to Florida. It is a long and expensive trip. Nice pictures of your room. Keep in touch

  3. You made me smile regarding the difference of temperatures between inside and outside, it is what happens also here in summer and is sooo annoying! Btw, as the first day you alreayd had a great time and it was fun following your adventures through ig! xo

  4. I have never been to America and after looking at your pics and reading your other post I reeeeaally want to go!! The food looks to die for, real life Man VS Food 😉


  5. How awesome and how hungry have you made me seeing all that delicious food. I’ve never been to America hope you have a great time !!

  6. One of the things that make me think of rejecting going to the USA is the lasting of the flight, 9 hours!!!? uff…too much time flying. I think your bedroom was very comfy and nicely decorated. Food seems so yummy! Kisses:)

  7. You gotta love the food, dont ya? Oh soo delicious! Enjoy your stay Corinne! is that a samsonite suitcase btw in blue? Got one myself. xo Sabina @Oceanblue Style

  8. Haha – You stayed in the same hotel as us the night before the flight and now you’re having breakfast in F&B – just like we did.. good choice, s’all I can say 😉
    The whole a/c thing is bringing back memories.. I remember shivering in a restaurant once cos the air con was on full. We stayed on Int Drive the last 3 days of our holiday and I remember thinking it looked pretty tacky, lol, but like you say, in a good way, cos of course, its America! 😉
    Can’t wait for your theme park posts! x

  9. Oh my GOD, that food looks amazing. I suppose Florida is definitely very touristy – I only went once as a young girl so can’t speak too much on the subject, but I’ve heard it be described as touristy, definitely. A lovely place, nonetheless!


  10. first off, you guys are adorable
    second, you’re HYSTERICAL. the last time i got wine on a plane from italy i was basically carded ahahahah
    i hope you guys have fun in florida!! i’ve never been but my friend lived there and it always seemed dreamy. are you going to disneyland perchance?
    xx Corinne

  11. Glad that you has a good flight. Having some peace is always great for a blogger and to get fed at the same time bonus. America is an amazing country so varied. The service is alway OTT buy I guess that is because service often is pretty poor in comparison in the UK. The nachos look yummy. Lucy x

  12. That’s weird indeed that they didn’t clear the starter’s plate!
    btw that’s how we do it in Curacao as well. Jacket on when going inside, jacket off when going outside, HAHA !! Really great post.

  13. Love hearing about your trip! In my opinion, Florida is one giant tourist trap, but it’s still a fun place to visit. It sounds like you had a bad waitress, but please don’t judge American restaurants by Denny’s – they don’t have a great reputation.

  14. Ahhhh Denny’s. So many drunkin’ 3am meals. Midnight cowgirl is right though, PLEASE do not judge American cuisine or dining on Denny’s, haha. Have fun!

    1. Oh Florida. I haven’t been there in many years, maybe they’ve all gone to hell in a hand basket down there.

  15. Yum, those nachos look so good! 🙂
    Glad you had a nice flight – I’m not a good flyer as I get travel sick, so my coping mechanism for long flights is to just sleep as much as possible, haha. usually works out well as I’ll have been up most of the night before doing frantic last minute packing/checking I haven’t forgotten things!

    Away From The Blue

  16. which bits did you cry at when you watched Frozen? i cried, too but only once. damn these Disney films. your friend with the ombré hair is prettyyyy (: i thought people getting questioned at customs/immigration coming into a country is pretty common, no? i got asked loads of questions every time i’ve visited the uk. lol! pretty in-depth stuff, too. ps: that thing you did with your hand in your outfit picture.. like, twirling your hair or something(?) i used to do that a lot when i took pictures, too. haha!! i can’t believe someone else does it, toooo. i used to be like, hmm. what’s with my strange arm?! i don’t do it anymore now but i’m happy to know i’m not the only one >:D

    1. It’s only the second time I’ve been outside of the EU, so maybe I’m just not used to it as they don’t really ask questions in EU countries! I can’t remember is Tunisias was the same.

      I cried at the ‘do you want to build a snowman’ song and the ending, I cry all the time at TV and things!

  17. Stayed at the International Palms a few years back and loved it, great location and the wifi was better than expected!

    International Drive never used to feel so touristy but the last time I went I got sick and tired of people coming up to me trying to sell me tickets and pull me into restaurants etc, none of this ever used to happen!

    It gets so damn cold when your in doors too, it’s so annoying! But I never think to bring anything to put round my shoulders!

    Sarah 🙂
    Saloca in Wonderland

  18. Your flight sounded good, I don’t think I could handle 9 hours, I’ve been on a plane once and it was a 1 hour trip to London last year, it was such a strange experience..

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