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Day 4 – Universal Studios

Heee, I tickled Krusty the clowns armpit. Because that’s how I roll.    Okay, so this is day 4. DAY FOUR THIS IS GOING TOO…

Heee, I tickled Krusty the clowns armpit. Because that’s how I roll. 
So as I said in my previous Universal post, there are two parks at Universal Resort. We spent the fourth day at the other park, Universal Studios. 
We got up and ate at ‘Great Western’ on iDrive. It was a $4.99 all you can eat breakfast. I managed to behave myself and had one plate of ‘naughty’ and one plate of ‘healthy’. Oh pineapple, I miss you. Did you know I’m allergic to pineapple? Me either. =(
After we loaded up, we headed to the Universal Resort and went through the bag check and did the magic of finger prints. Everything in America is FINGER PRINT. 
They took my fingerprints when I went through boarder control. Universal Studios also took my fingerprints to make sure the ticket was mine and I had to scan it every time I entered the park. Disney also had my fingerprint. So did Seaworld. and Wet and Wild. I honestly think it’s a conspiracy, America is collecting all the fingerprints. I don’t know why, or what for. It makes me wonder how Elsa got into Disney in the first place because she always wears those gloves to CONCEAL DON’T FEEL and would have had a disaster if she tried to put those icy fingers on the finger print machine. I would have asked her but there was a three hour queue to meet her. I can’t believe people wait three hours. THREE HOURS. What child would wait for that long? I don’t remember what I was talking about. 
Okay, more photos.
We managed to catch a fun parade, met some characters and then we went to Springfield, where we got ripped the fuck off with a Flaming Moe drink. It looked cool and all with dry ice and all smokey, and we got to keep the cup, but at the end of the day it was just orange soda that cost me $10.
The rides were mostly awesome! We went on a lot at Universal Studios. The Simpsons one was my favourite!

The Rides.

Terminator2 3D
This was a cool show that started off in a room where we stood with a woman telling us all about Cyberdyne Systems and showing us a video, then it being interrupted by people telling us we needed to get out. The woman came back and told us to go into the next room, which was like a movie theatre. 
We had 3D glasses and watched the show which was okay, but Teminator isn’t really my thing so I found it hard to follow the story line as I just don’t care enough. 
Kang and Kodos’ Twirl ‘n’ Hurl
This was a fun kids ride where you spun around and could go up and down. It was short and sweet and gave a chance to see the park from a bit higher up!
The Simpsons Ride
This was one of my favourite rides! You get to try out Krusty’s theme park. It was a simulator so you sat in what looked like a roller coaster cart and started out on a roller coaster. You went through various scenes, falling and flying through the Simpsons world. It felt like the ride was really a roller coaster and not a simulator and the view was amazing. I have no idea how it can make you feel like you are moving when you aren’t!
This was more like a show and parts of it were boring. You went in to the first part where a funny guy picked people from the audience to help finish a movie. Then you went through to the next section which was a bit about some dude that I probably should know and care about but don’t. After that, you moved into the next room where there was a timer of 6 minutes and each of the people he picked had to quickly act something out with the props while being filmed. 
Then we were moved to the next part, which was a fake subway and told we had to scream and we being recorder. The train moved through a fake station and it was as if it crashed or there was an earth quake, there was another train that almost crashed into us and floods of water came down the stairs of the station, it was pretty cool really. Then when the train drove back to it’s start point, we were shown the film on the screen which was like a movie trailer, featuring the characters doing their parts and us on the train screaming. Clever. 
Shrek 4D
This was disappointing! At the start, we were taken into a room where we were given an introduction to it and it was long and boring. Next, we moved into the theatre and shown a film. It was basically what happened after Shrek and Fiona got married. 
I expected it to be a lot better but the effects weren’t that great and I think after the Simpsons, nothing could get better than that!
Revenge of the Mummy.
I was shitting myself when queuing for this one! It’s a dark indoor roller coaster that goes fast, steep, backwards and has creepy effects and fire. It wasn’t as terrifying as I had expected but it was still scary. It’s the unexpected that’s worse, you don’t know what drops and turns are coming because of the dark. Doom.
This was another simulator ride, kind of like the Simpsons but the cart physically moved between rooms more. It wasn’t as vigorous and exciting as the Simpsons but was still a lot of fun. 
E.T. Adventure
You sat on some bikes and ‘flew’ through scenes of the Movie and ETs come planet. We were given ‘passports’ which we had to get by telling one of the workers our name and got given a card. We thought she was just typing anything as she didn’t tap enough letters, but she must have been typing out how to say our names as at the end, ET said our names. I missed it as I was distracted with something else though!
Twirl ‘n’ Hurl

The Food.

We ate tacos in Springfield, they were on a tortilla though rather than a hard taco shell which was a little sad.
After we finished at Universal Studios, we went to a couple of bars on the City Walk and had a cocktail and some wine, then walked back.
We went to Diary Queen on the way home and picked up some food to eat in our room. I picked a salad and we ate and then went to bed.
You may notice a pattern here – the days are long and the evenings are short! Walking around theme parks all day is exhausting! We were back at the hotel by 9pm most nights and in bed by 10:30. Which was fine by me as it meant I had a chance to spend some time online and also have a few beers, it must have been a lot cheaper for me to have a few in the room rather than spend $6 on one beer at a bar! 
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  1. WOW! I want to go too 😀


  2. looks like such a lovely trip – I have fond memories of Universal Studios but it is a long time since I went (like 14yrs).

  3. The photos look great – even if you weren’t very impressed with the rides, looks like you still had a lot of fun! 🙂

    Away From The Blue

  4. I envy you and your friends!! this is a lovely day in the Universal resort. I love the Simpsons and all the characters. Kisses:)

  5. Love The Simpsons ride, easily one of my faves! The Mummy is good but I prefer the queue area to the ride itself, there was so much talk around it before it opened but once it did half of what they’d planned for the ride didn’t seem to have been installed, such a shame!

    Sarah 🙂
    Saloca in Wonderland

  6. This brings back so many happy memories. The Simpsons ride was my favourite too. The mummy the girl working there completely lied I asked if it was scary and she went “are you serious 7 year olds travel on this”. Bun this statement I was expecting a placid tame ride lets but it this way there were expletives and I nearly needed a change of clothes. Looks like you had a blast Lucy x

  7. Hahah this sounds like such a great trip! I really hope you are enjoying yourself.
    xo Olivia

  8. So exciting to read this as we’re off to Florida in October. And I’m relieved to hear that The Simpsons ride is a simulator – I don’t really do roller coasters but I think I could cope with that.

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