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Day 9 – Applebees

On the ninth day of our holiday to Florida (aka FLORIDAY) we didn’t really do much. After 4 full days of theme parks, a rest…

On the ninth day of our holiday to Florida (aka FLORIDAY) we didn’t really do much. After 4 full days of theme parks, a rest day was needed. 
When I woke up, I went down to the gym while Christine was still asleep. I did a bit of running and cycling, although it was so hot I struggled running for longer than 15 mins. They had the Disney channel on in the hotel gym and I was watching a kids show called ‘Dog with a blog’. Yes. You heard me. A dog. He had a blog.
Basically it’s a dog that can talk, but nobody knows he can talk apart from the kids and he has a blog where he publishes posts about his family. I wonder what is Google page rank is and how many followers he has on bloglovin. And how hard it finds it using the keyboard. 
Anyway, when I went back to the room, Christine was gone. I wasn’t sure if her and the twins went somewhere for breakfast or to the shops or whatever, so I grabbed my towel and went to the pool. I found them there sunbathing.
It was around midday and I was hungry from the gym so I got a chicken caesar salad from the bar. 
I swam quite a bit when I got to hot and had my iPad with me. I was using the downtime to catch up on friends blogs and tweets. As it was Sunday, I was able to join most of the Sunday evening twitter chats as they start at 7pm UK time which was 2pm Florida time. Winner!
After making the world of twitter jealous by telling everyone I was tweeting from beside the pool in Florida (photos as proof) we went back to the room, showered and then headed for food. 
We decided to go to Applebee’s which was REALLY nice. 
For starters, Christine and I shared some amazing grilled chicken wonton tacos. For my main I had sirloin steak with grilled garlic prawns. I really would have been able to eat there every night as they had so many things that sounded delicious! Nom nom NOM.
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  1. I went to Applebees when I was in the states last year and it was awful! I was so disappointed, everything was the wrong texture (ie lumpy mashed potato) and temperature…. it was the only bad meal the whole time I was there though!

  2. Nice pics!


  3. Applebee is a hit or miss type of restaurant you could have a great experience one day and really bad another day. I’m glad it was good for you as per what I see and you had an amazing time in Florida this is the way to do it enjoy every moment.

  4. I never do exercise when I am on holidays. You are so disciplined. I loved your pictures, especially those of food; these salads look like delicious. Kisses:)

  5. Oh MY you got me so hungry!! Everything looks great and sounds like you’re having an awesome time!! xxx

  6. Well girl u made me jealous by talking about pool so I am going to go swimming soon..
    I never every every work out on a vacation
    Keep in touch

  7. Going to the gym on holiday is dedication to the cause. I am glad that you are still reminiscing about your holiday. The food look interesting. Hope you are having a good week Lucy x

  8. Love going here, in highschool everyone worked here, it’s a great place & super food!! Glad you enjoyedummy food :)) xx

  9. You must be having a great, great photos, interesting a dog have a blog!


  10. Haha, I heard about that dog with a blog show! Might have to give in and watch ONE episode…

    That food looks great – especially the tacos!

  11. Wow this sounds like a night vacation! Heheh I love your comment about the Dog with a Blog. I wonder if in of the fellow bloggers from the blogs you read, is a dog? Plot twist:P
    xo Olivia

  12. Dog with a Blog….why have I not heard of this…..note to self search youtube NOW for those episodes!

    I’m on vacation now too, but I’m having such a hard time reconnecting myself and tweeting / fbing / writing. You are such a motivated blogger!

    Angie from reasons to dress, fashion, real mom street style & life as a North American mom in Italy.

  13. Good you did what you felt like. I haven’t been to an Applebee’s in the longest. So glad to hear it was good.

  14. I watched Dog With A Blog in Spanish in Benidorm, not that I understood a word of it!!

    The sun looks lovely there, still raging with jealousy!!

    I went to Applebees in New York, it was the only place that could fit us in quickly before we went to the theatre. The food was ok, not brilliant, but yours looks delicious!

  15. Just getting around to reading your Disney blogs after you sent me them on twitter. I had to comment on this one as I adore Applebee’s and sat at a table about three metres away from the one you were in!

    Can’t wait to read the rest x

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