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My Lockdown Home Changes // Garden Edition

This post is In collaboration with Age UK Mobility.  Since the first lockdown started, we have made a lot of changes to our home. And…


This post is In collaboration with Age UK Mobility. 

Since the first lockdown started, we have made a lot of changes to our home. And I’m not just talking about turning one of our spare rooms into a home office! As we were both working from home, this meant we had a bit more time than we usually would have. It also meant that during the school holidays (my partner is a teacher) I was also home to supervise him (or boss him about). Here are some of the changes I’ve made during lockdown:

You’ve probably noticed that making changes to your home during lockdown has become quite common. I mean, what else are you supposed to do on a Sunday when the pubs are shut? Having to stay at home has really encouraged us to create a home that we love being in, which may mean switching things up if you’re sick of looking at the same rooms. Or it could mean diving headfirst into that home project you have been putting off.

Also, not being able to go out or go on holiday meant we were able to save money and invest it into our house (well most of it was invested into getting ready for our baby). but you get me!

So, on top of all the changes we have made in the posts above, we’ve also been working on our garden. It’s still very much a work in progress – but I think it will be for a few years yet! But here’s the story of our garden transformation so far!

Our garden was a big project that we started in May 2020! After moving into our new build home in June 2019, we didn’t do much to the garden that summer apart from buying a barbeque and using it a few times (I really recommend doing a joint of beef or lamb on a barbeque rather than rubbish burgers from the supermarket – it was lush!).

As spring and summer 2020 was beautiful, we were really keen to get the garden sorted out. With lockdowns impending and Covid-19 restrictions showing no signs of disappearing, we wanted a comfortable outdoor space where we could enjoy the sun.

Even though beer gardens are currently open in the UK, we’ve not ventured out to any yet as we have the baby and knowing our luck, we will be sat next to a table of smokers! You can meet outdoors now, which is another reason why we wanted to sort the garden out. So we can host drinks or food in our garden!

We wanted a shed in our garden. We do have a garage, but that’s got my home gym in and other stuff. It was getting to be a dumping ground so we wanted somewhere to store the lawnmower and DIY equipment. We have a small patio near the patio doors, but it’s in the path of where the doors open so isn’t ideal. We wanted some decking in the corner as that’s where the sun is most of the day.

My partner started digging this out last May. It took him quite a while to dig the base for the shed and patio. Once he did it, he put the shed foundations down with some top rock that the site manager from our housing estate gave us. They also brought us one of the site skips to use for the soil and turf that we had dug up which saved us some money on skip hire.

We then ordered the shed. Everyone must have been buying sheds last summer as it took about 8 weeks to arrive! We finally got it the last week in August. We also ordered decking and my partner and his Dad spent a weekend painting the shed and putting the decking up themselves. My contribution was to pick the colour for the shed and make them a sausage and egg sandwich at lunch. Bargain!

This spring we ordered our garden furniture. My partner also made a planter out of the spare decking so we have planted some herbs and flowers! We’ve already had some friends over in our garden. It was nice to be able to sit outside and see other humans again!

It’s a bit annoying that it’s been raining for the past week and is due to rain next week, I really want to spend more time outside in the garden. We’re going to get a paddling pool for Leo soon! Bring on the heatwave!

Eventually, we would like to completely redo the grass as it’s poor quality. It’s just on top rubble and uneven grown so we will sort it properly one day! We also plan to add some bamboo fencing for privacy and add more flowers and plants. We’ve done a bit of work on the front garden too, adding some shrubs and a planter. I want to plant some daffodils and tulips for next spring.

Hopefully, you’ll be seeing more photos of us enjoying our garden in the coming months!

In collaboration with Age UK Mobility.


  1. This looks great! I love the planters you have at the end of your decking. We spent a lot of last summer redoing our garden & this year finally feels like the time where we can enjoy it… Weather dependent! I can’t wait to get a little paddling pool for A either, we had one when she was around Leo’s age & she absolutely loved it! I’m sure he’ll be the same.


  2. Love this! It’s the one good thing about lockdown is that it’s made a lot of people create homes that they love to be in. We’ve been decorating too and so far only have the spare room, bathroom and conservatory to do and the kitchen to repaint. However, I love seeing your garden make over and having the planters at the end of the decking is such a brilliant idea!

  3. This is definitely a huge project and it turned out great! I love the look. Hope you enjoy having people over with this new setup!

  4. This is such a great garden! I am sure you’re proud of seeing it grow before your eyes! The deck and the planters look great and I am sure it will be a great space to use this summer to host drinks and food and also to spend time outside with the baby x

  5. Your garden looks so good! I love the decking and the little she’d – it’s also a really beautiful colour scheme! I’ve made a lot of changes to my house during lock down but not in a garden x

  6. Ah your garden looks so lovely! It looks like it gets lots of sunshine too, which is lucky 🙂 I hope you get to enjoy it a lot this summer!

  7. What a beautiful garden! I love those plant potters! I bet you can’t wait for the warm weather so you can have little BBQ’s and relax in the sun!

  8. I think a lot of people have changed their garden and decor during lockdown- and it’s looking really good! It’s going to be so good to relax in the sun outside during the summer 🙂

  9. It’s so fun to see what everyone is doing with their home during lockdown. I know that I’ve personally made a decent amount of changes to my townhome (despite not being allowed to do any renovations or major changes). I love how your outdoor space turned out. I bet you love spending time out there even more now!

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