Finally Decorating the bedroom!

I’ve had the hardest time deciding what I wanted to do with the bedroom. We had some blinds made early on and I wanted plain/neural blinds like downstairs, but my partner wanted patterned. After a lot of debate, I just let him pick. A lesson learned – always stand your ground when it comes to picking decor!

Anyway, the blinds arrived and although I do like them, I couldn’t figure out how to decorate the rest of the room so they would fit. I’ve bought a few sets of bedding but then sent them back as the colouring wasn’t right. It’s been a bit of a nightmare!

Anyway, I’ve finally cracked it. I decided I wanted a blue similar to what’s in the blinds for a ‘feature wall’ and got a few samples from B&Q. I picked the one I liked the most and off we went.

I went with neutral bedding from Dunelm and also bought some leaf prints with a neutral background to match – they were only £8 each!

With the leftover paint, we painted the en suite. Here’s how it turned out..

Just want a blue throw for the bed now and considering some blue pillowcases for the second pillows!

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  • Kathleen

    I love the idea of having an accent wall in the room. I’ve always used accent walls to give a pop of color in my room. I’m actually of painting walls cause I suck at art lol so I just go ahead and use mural wallpapers so I could just stick it on the wall. I can also replace it when I get bored of it and get a new one. But anyway, I really love the shade of blue you picked! It’s beautiful!

    • Corinne

      Haha yeah it can be so hard to know what to put where, I took a chance on the photos in the frames as they were only like £8 each but they turned out decent!

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