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SEO Audit Step 9 // Crawl Report

blog seo crawl report

In my complete guide to conducting an SEO audit, I taught you how to test various parts of your website to see what improvements can be made in regards to SEO. Now I’m going to go through each step in more detail so you and see why these issues are important and what we can do to fix them. Next up is how to crawl your website.


blog seo crawl report


In this step, you’ll need to crawl your website. You can do this a few ways.

From the crawl report, we’re going to look at which pages are missing meta descriptions and other HTML tags.

From the Ahref site audit, click ‘HTML tags’ to find the information.

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Yikes, lots of things to improve on there! Be sure to. export the data before you trial runes out!

I would recommend getting the free trial of Seomator to try this step.

It’s so simple to use, as soon as the report is completed you can go through the various menus and see the issues as follows:

You can see loads of information, such as page speed, keywords, structured data, duplicate content and all.

It’s worth spending some time going through the report in detail and seeing what improvements you can make or what mistakes you can avoid in the future.

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