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SEO Audit 10 // Check keywords you rank for

In my complete guide to conducting an SEO audit, I taught you how to test various parts of your website to see what improvements can be…


blog seo audit rank keywords

In my complete guide to conducting an SEO audit, I taught you how to test various parts of your website to see what improvements can be made in regards to SEO. Now I’m going to go through each step in more detail so you and see why these issues are important and what we can do to fix them. Next up is how to find pages your site ranks for and boost them.


blog seo audit rank keywords


These should be optimised to try to boost the ranking up by:

  • Adding some more internal links to the pages
  • Building some fresh backlinks to the pages
  • Updating and relaunching the content
  • Making sure on‐page is optimised for the exact keyword

You can find these on the Ahrefs site audit tool under ‘content explorer’. Enter your URL and click ‘organic keywords’.

site audit seo for bloggers

If you don’t have a site audit tool, you can do something similar in Google Search Console by seeing which keywords people are using to get to your blog and then optimising those pages to boost them.

As good as Ahref’s crawler is for keywords, as you have to pay or pay for the 7-day trial, I’ going to show you a way you can search your keywords for free.

Moz Keyword Explorer is great for this. Just pop your URL in the search bar, make sure the drop-down menu to the left is on ‘root domain’, swap to the UK (if you are in the UK!) and search.

blog seo audit rank keywords

If you click onto the keyword, you will find more information about it.

This shows you some keyword suggestions, the sites ranking top for it at the moment and are perfect for allowing you to try and boost your post. Focus on those with more traffic volume first, then take it from there!

You can only see the first 10 keywords without paying, but it’s a good place to start!

You’re not able to try and boost those posts in search by adding more keywords, ensuring the meta description is optimised, adding more value, making it longer or getting people to link to it.

So that’s the last in the series. Following this, you should have a list of next steps and ways to boost your site’s performance!

Good luck!


  1. Another super helpful post! Thank you so much for doing this series.

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