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SEO Blog Audit Guide // How to rank first for your brand name

In my complete guide to conducting an SEO audit, I taught you how to test various parts of your website to see what improvements can be…


how to rank first for brand name seo blog audit

In my complete guide to conducting an SEO audit, I taught you how to test various parts of your website to see what improvements can be made in regards to SEO.

Now I’m going to go through each step in more detail so you and see why these issues are important and what we can do to fix them.

The Full Series:


Most of us should already rank for our brand name. You want to rank top for your brand name because if someone is searching for you, you want to be found. But some of you might have a less specific blog name than skinnedcartree. It’s a made-up word and a lot of bloggers use something a bit more general. My good friend Katie Middleton, for example, often gets pushed out thanks to Kate Middleton and the royal family!

ultimate guide to SEO for your blog 2019 rank top for your brand name

As you can see, I rank top for my brand name. If you don’t, it’s a point you need to work on!

If you do rank top for your brand name, you might want to see what else you can rank for – eg York lifestyle blogger.

how to rank first for brand name

What to do if you don’t rank first for your brand name in Google.

If you don’t rank first for your brand name, it means that Google thinks another site is a better fit than your site. Like mentioned above, if you have a generic brand name or one that has a word or two the same as a major site, you will find it difficult to rank first. So what can you do to change this?

Link building.

Guest posting is one way to improve your chances of ranking top for your brand name. Though since 2014 there has been a bit of a debate whether guest posting is still a good way to help SEO.

Guest posting is a long-standing strategy used by digital marketers but in 2014 Matt Cutts, Google’s former head of web spam, made an announcement that guest blogging is done due to the fact that spammy sites use it as a way to pass PageRank. Though guest blogging shouldn’t be stopped altogether, you just need to ensure you are aware of Google’s guidelines. Google also published this article on guest posting.

So, in short, guest posting isn’t prohibited but it should be high-quality articles which will inform the reader. You must be knowledgeable on the topic, don’t keyword stuff the article and don’t post duplicate content or similar content on lots of different sites.

Share other peoples content!

Doing roundup posts of the best blog posts you’ve read lately, or a roundup of posts on a certain topic is a great way of getting links back to your site. Pick out articles from lesser known bloggers and Tweet them the link. They are likely to reshare on social or maybe even link back to you.

Google Business Account.

If your website is a business, be sure to sign up a business account. This does require having an address so if you work from home, you may be a bit reluctant to do this.

Social Media.

There’s a bit of debate around social signals and SEO. It’s generally accepted that there is a link between social media shares and ranking, but it’s thought that sharing content on social puts it in front of more people, which in turn increases the likelihood of gaining organic links – so it’s more of an indirect effect.

Whatever you believe, social media is important and you should ensure that your branding across all platforms is the same.

If you already rank top for your brand, think about what else you could rank for. Something that your blog is about. For example, I’m going to work towards ranking for ‘blog tips’ and ‘social media growth’.

That’s a wrap for now, keep your eyes peeled for the next post in the series!

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