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SEO Audit 8 // Check for indexing errors

In my complete guide to conducting an SEO audit, I taught you how to test various parts of your website to see what improvements can be…


In my complete guide to conducting an SEO audit, I taught you how to test various parts of your website to see what improvements can be made in regards to SEO. Now I’m going to go through each step in more detail so you and see why these issues are important and what we can do to fix them. Next up is how to check for indexing errors.

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If you haven’t got Google Webmaster Tools, then you need to sort that out! If you haven’t submitted your Site Index to Google, you also need to sort that out as well.

Go to Google Webmaster Tools, look in Google Search Console at your sitemap to see it’s status. Mine has 1 error.


You can set up a crawl for your website, or you can check the ‘Coverage’ section in Google Search Console. This will tell you any errors as well as how to fix them.

google crawl report seo for bloggers

My site has no errors.

Why you should I get my website indexed?

Getting your site indexed by Google (as well as Bing and Yahoo!) is important as it means Google is aware of your site and has indexed it, meaning you will show up in search.

How to tell if my website is indexed.

To see if your site is indexed, simply open Google and enter your sites URL. If Google knows about your site, it should show up as number one.

If your site is not listed, it means Google hasn’t crawled it, indexed it, rated it and it will not show up in search.

How do I submit my site to search Google?

To submit your sitemap, you need to ensure you have the Yoast SEO Plugin on WordPress.

In the Yoast SEO settings, you want to go to ‘General’ and then ‘Features’ at the top. Scroll down to

If you click on the question mark next to ‘XML sitemaps’ you can see the sitemap. This is what you want to cut and paste into your sitemaps in Google Search Console.

If you use blogger, you will need to add this code instead:

  • atom.xml?redirect=false&start-index=1&max-results=500

If your site has more than 500 pages, you’ll need to add further sitemaps 500 pages at a time such as:

  • atom.xml?redirect=false&start-index=501&max-results=1000

Then you can check the ‘coverage’ tag for more errors. Read this article by Google if you want more information on errors. As there aren’t any in my website, I’m unable to fix for an example.

Until next time, see ya!

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