My Pre-Wedding Skincare routine

AD| Of all the days you want your skin to look good, your wedding day is up there at the top which is why I…


AD| Of all the days you want your skin to look good, your wedding day is up there at the top which is why I created a pre-wedding skincare routine to help my skin look its best when it was (finally) my time to be a bride!

My skin type

My skin is quite dry, it can have flaky patches that can worsen when I’m stressed. Tiredness shows on my face, also, which is bad news for me – the mum of a wakeful 1-year-old.

A couple of months ago I looked at my skin in the mirror, I mean really looked at it. I didn’t like what I saw. I have enlarged pores, my skin is like leather on my forehead and it’s dry. I’m knocking on a bit now, being well into my 30s and I needed to do something about my skin before my wedding. The last thing I wanted was to have dry skin that made my makeup flake and crumble! So I tried some new products to help my skin get ready for my big day.

All these products are PR samples.

My Pre-Wedding Skincare routine products

Angela Langford Bloom & Glow Face Oil 

This small bottle of face oil by Angela skincare is powerful stuff. Don’t be deceived by the small bottle and twee label.

Chia seed & sea buckthorn are blended together to deliver high levels of essential fatty acids, vitamins & antioxidants – it improves skin’s elasticity, calms inflammation & restores radiance.

My Pre-Wedding Skincare routine Angela Langford Bloom & Glow Face Oil 

This oil smells lovely, but it is intense which I love, but I know isn’t for everyone. It reminds me of the Body Shop Vitamin E oil which I have enjoyed using in the past. I apply just a few drops to my skin overnight this has been a saviour for my dry skin. I had a really dry forehead a few weeks before my wedding and this oil cleared that up in a couple of days.

I feel like I’ve not needed to use it every night, just a few evenings a week gives my skin a boost and leaves it looking hydrated and fresh and this was an essential part of my pre-wedding skincare routine.

This is something that I will continue to use as I love the instant results I get with this. I’ve been getting a lot of colds lately and my skin has felt tight and dehydrated, this really helps me feel a bit better about myself as I was able to keep my skin soft and hydrated.

This would be so useful in the winter, too.

Buy it here.

Transformulas Flawless Photo Glow

Things I want in a skincare product:

  • SPF 30
  • vegan
  • cruelty-free
  • anti-ageing
  • visible results
My Pre-Wedding Skincare routine Transformulas Flawless Photo Glow

And that’s what I got out of this luxurious moisturiser. If you want to splurge on skincare products, then your wedding is the perfect excuse.

This ticks all the boxes for me and the SPF30+ is amazing. It regenerates skin cells, boosting cell renewal, reducing lines and wrinkles and strengthening the skin’s barrier to protect against environmental damage. it improves skin tone and clarity over 30 days for visible results.

It’s also clinically proven with testers reporting a 100% increase in their skin glow and 80% increase in luminosity after 2 weeks of use.

There are a lot of benefits packed into this cream. To wear, it feels so lightweight and easily sinks into the skin and I’ve started using this now as my daily moisturiser.

Buy it here.

Amare Vita The One

This is a great multitasker. It works as a serum, moisturiser, primer and SPF20 all in one.

My Pre-Wedding Skincare routine Amare Vita The One

The Amare Vita The One was an ideal choice for my bridal skin care routine as it made it quick and easy to prep my skin for makeup. It also saves space when travelling so is a great thing to take away when you are packing light.

It’s another cruelty-free and vegan product that smells divine. I apply it straight to my face after getting out of the shower. I’m always struggling for time and rushing around, so the multitasking nature of this product appeals to me as all I need to do is apply this, and then I can get straight to makeup.

I don’t wear makeup every day, but when I do, I use this product on my skin after cleansing and before applying makeup.

There are multiple benefits of it such as:

  • protect, nourish and improve skin appearance.
  • smoothes, hydrates and softens
  • preps your skin for the day.
  • provides blue light protection
  • reduces multiple signs of ageing,
  • Improves skin tone, elasticity, firmness, radiance
  • and more

Find out more about this product here.

Clarol Silver Serum

This serum is perfect for acne-prone skin by helping the skin to maintain sufficient levels of good skin bacteria. Many skincare products contain anti-bacterial chemicals which destroy the good bacteria as well as the bad. This can harm the skin, allowing more bad bacteria to get inside pores and cause acne.

Clarol Silver Serum

Clarol Silver Serum contains a special ingredient, MicroSilver™, that starves bad skin bacteria while leaving the good bacteria intact. MicroSilver™ reduces inflammation and infection in pustules and skin lesions.

It’s also free from parabens, perfumes, SLS and MI and is 100% vegan and cruelty-free.

I’m so glad I had this on hand as stress can often cause my skin to break out, but my skin behaved so I haven’t tried it just yet!

Find out more here.

Olverum Body Polish

Now over to the body – which is also important. Although most of my skin was covered by my massive dress, it was still important for me to feel great about myself so I wanted a bit of a pamper and to pay a bit of attention to the skin on my body, as well as face. That’s where the Olverum Body Polish comes in.

My Pre-Wedding Skincare routine Olverum Body Polish

Now, this dual-action exfoliator is great for a bit of pampering before your big day. It nourishes, tightens and brightens skin to help it glow.

It smells divine and works by breaking down dead skin cells, then it cleanses and gets rid of impurities. It’s not too abrasive like many other scrubs but feels nourishing and kind.

You only need to use it once or twice a week, so it’s perfect to use in the run-up to your wedding so your skin looks its best!

I always feel so much better after using this product, it instantly lifts my mood and makes me feel really special!

Find more about it here.

So those are my pre-wedding skincare routine products. What would be on your list?

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  1. Awesome products, my friend looking for anti-aging when using skincare products. But still looking for a good skin product for her though.

  2. I love the look and sound of all the products you have shared. My skin can be so frustrating to look after, so I am always looking for good recommendations. Thank you for sharing!


  3. The flawless photo glow looks like a good product to try. I believe I should share this post with my cousin. He is getting married next month. Thank you for sharing.

  4. These all sound great! I have skin very similar to yours and I also had a very similar moment to you looking in the mirror. It’s the children I’m sure! Ageing us at double speed! I really love the sound of the oil specifically.
    Claire. X

  5. As much as I love beauty and everything surrounding it, I had never considered how important your pre-wedding skincare is, even though I know how important it is in daily life to create a foundation for your makeup. I guess it’s easy to forget about things like that, when the hold wedding consumes you. Thank you for this post! x

  6. My skin has been so dry since I got pregnant so definitely going to check out the oil, I love the Body Shop vitamin E one!
    Amy x

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