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Trying Revive Collagen to strengthen and boost my skin health

AD| The last couple of weeks I’ve been trying Revive Collagen’s marine collagen sachets. I have tried similar products in the past, but I feel…


AD| The last couple of weeks I’ve been trying Revive Collagen’s marine collagen sachets. I have tried similar products in the past, but I feel this is a great time to try some more collagen products to help boost the health of my skin. I’m 35 years old now and after an exhausting pregnancy and being awake many times each night with a baby for over a year, the tiredness absolutely shows on my skin.

I can’t think of a better time to start introducing this anti-ageing drink into my routine. There is always a lot of focus of looking after yourself with diet, exercise, self-care and skin routines for the new year but I’m a big fan of starting early. Why wait until January 1st when you can start now and be ahead of the game by the time the new year comes?

It’s normal to feel busy and tired, drink more alcohol than usual and eat a lots of festive food that may make us look and feel a bit naff around this time of year. So that’s exactly why I think it’s great to look after yourself in December. So you can look and feel fantastic while you are also enjoying festivities. I’ve always been a fan of balance!

Revive Collagen flatlay

What is collagen?

Collagen is the most abundant protein in the human body, and it’s essential for everything from hair and nails to our gut lining. It is what gives our skin its elasticity and helps keep us looking young. It is also an anti-inflammatory, which means that it can help reduce breakouts and redness.

Collagen supplements are everywhere these days and there’s a good reason why: collagen can’t be produced by the body on its own, so we need to get it from food or supplements. Collagen levels decline as we age, which causes wrinkles. By the age of 60, we’ve lost about 80% of our collagen levels. Drinking Revive Collagen decreases the speed of ageing by stimulating the creation of collagen and hyaluronic acid in our bodies.

Marine collagen is sourced from fish so it’s not vegan or vegetarian.

Revive collagen sachets

About Revive Collagen

Revive Collagen is a skincare brand that’s aim is to fight the signs of again. It’s co-founded by Sam Faiers and comes in ready to drink sachets. There’s the original collagen revive with hyaluronic acid and aloe vera juice and revive collagen enhanced plus which has higher amounts of collagen and with retinol, hydrolysed keratin and vitamins B6, B12, C & D.

Hyaluronic acid in this Revive Collagen drink improves skin hydration and the aloe vera works as an anti-inflammatory to treat dry skin, so it really is the perfect set of ingredients for your skin.

How much collagen should you take?

You need to ingest at least 6,000 MG of collagen peptides daily to trigger fibroblast (the cells responsible for collagen production) activity in the dermis. It’s better to take liquid collagen than in cream or table form as it’s easier for your body to absorb.

How long does Revive Collagen take to work?

Hydrolysed collagen is absorbed faster and more easily than other forms of ingestible collagen, meaning you’ll see results quicker.  It takes about 6-8 weeks to start seeing the results.

how revive collagen works

My ‘First Thoughts’ Revive Collagen review

My initial impression is that I really love this product, it’s easy to use and a great way to look after my skin quickly. I’m time poor so don’t have lots of time to spend on a skincare routine. As I’m fast approaching my late 30’s, my skin is looking a bit worse for wear, particularly around my forehead and eyes. I’m really excited to continue taking this and start seeing results. I have found the best thing for me to do is leave it in the bathroom and leave a sachet on my moisturiser. Then I always see it and take it just before I brush my teeth.

It has no added sugar, colours or flavouring. I wouldnt’ say it tastes amazing, but it’s not awful. I feel like the strongest flavour is the aloe vera with a touch of citrus. It’s easy to take, just tear the top off the sachet and squeeze it into your mouth. I’ve tried collagen before that’s not drinkable. I feel pretty neural about the taste of Revive Collagen.

The boxes it comes in are so elegant. It feels like a luxury product which is packaged with premium in mind. It is quite expensive but you shop around for offers at places like Holland & Barret, where you can buy one and then get one at half price. You can also subscribe and save on the Rivive Collagen website. Looking at other collagen sachets, it’s about the same price as the others in the market.

Although this is marketed as mostly a product for your skin – it also benefits your hair and nails. This is really important to me as I’ve had a bit of post-partum hair-loss and I really would like those whispy bits of hair to grow out.

I’ve done a bit of research and found that it’s safe to pregnancy and breastfeeding – but plus constult your doctor or midwife to double check as I’m not a medical professional!

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I always like to think about sustainability when discovering new brands and look at their plans and pledges for the environment.

Here are Revive Collagen’s sustainability commitments:

Fully Recyclable

Revive Collagen’s packaging and prodcuts are fully recyclable. They also offer a free recycling service for revive collagen sachets.

Made in Britain

Both the product and its packaging are fully sourced within Britain. Revive Collagen is produced to the highest quality standards within BRC accredited facilities, ensuring that the highest levels of safety and standards are adhered too.

All Natural Ingredients

Revive Collagen contains all natural ingredients. It has no added flavourings, colours or sugars. It’s naturally sweetened with Stevia.

Ethically Sourced

The Marine Collagen is sourced form ethically farmed fish skin. It contains natural ingredients.

Never Tested on Animals

It’s never tested on animals.

I still have a few weeks of Revival Collagen left to talk so it’s early days at the moment, I’ve read lots of reviews online and it seems the product does give many people results.

Have you every tried takng collagen?


  1. Oooh these sound great and like you said, a super quick and easy way to get that boost for your skin (hair and nails) which is perfect for busy moms or just busy people in general! I never realised you lose 80% of your collagen by age 60! That’s quite daunting!

  2. I didn’t know so much about collagen. It’s great to see such an effective product. Thanks for the review.

  3. It’s been a long time since I’ve taken collagen supplements, but I’ve been trying to grow my hair and strengthen my nails lately, so adding something like this back into my diet would be beneficial. It’s good to know about this brand!

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