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On Easter Sunday, the 17th of April 2022, I finally got married. This wedding has been a long time coming. It was booked before covid…


On Easter Sunday, the 17th of April 2022, I finally got married.

This wedding has been a long time coming. It was booked before covid and before Leo was even an idea. When we booked our wedding, we decided to try for a baby before the wedding – which was 14 months away at the time.

Then on March 13th 2020, I was holding a positive pregnancy test and the world shut down due to covid. At this time, we were confident that our wedding would still go ahead in April 2021. A year seemed like a long time away. But by October I was 8 months pregnant and we were faced with a decision. To go ahead as planned with 15 guests or change the date to the following year.

Although 15 guests sounded nice for our bank account, we decided it was more important to share the day with everyone love and care about. So postponed for a year and back then it seemed like a lifetime away.

Espcially as we were about to have a baby – we were consumed by our pending parenthood. Thinking back, I’m not sure how I would have planned a wedding with a newborn as they are both very stressful things. Having both of them to deal with at once would sent me spiralling.

I have to be honest here and admit that I hated planning the wedding! I can now see why people pay for wedding planners. We grow up with society telling us that your wedding day is one of the most important days fo your life and there is so much pressure around it being perfect. For me, this meant every single decision seemed to take up so much mental energy! Espcailly the ones that you can’t go back on.

Anything to do with costings is a minefield too. It’s so hard to find out how much hair, makeup, flowers, cakes and other things cost that you’re never sure if you are being ripped off or not. Then there’s things like picking the colour scheme, or scouring Facebook for hours checking you’ve spelt everyone’s names right for your seating plan.

It’s a little crazy how you have to plan a big important event when you have no experience at all.

But, we got there and we made it out the other side. After two weeks of rain, the sun came out and gave us a lovely sunny day for our wedding day.

The biggest fear I had was that I would ugly cry as I walked down the aisle, which I didn’t! My eyes watered a few times but I held it together well.

There were plenty of hiccups along the way, and I was a bridesmaid down due to covid but I’m now married.

I’m struggling to remember my new name but so happy to match my husbands and sons.


  1. Yay! So happy you guys finally got your special day! Your photos are lovely, and you look bloody stunning! I really thought I’d ugly cry too, but didn’t. It’s weird, I’m such a weeper at other peoples weddings, but I think I must have been in the zone or something for ours. I didn’t cry at all. Sending you all of the love and happiness!! X

  2. Congratulations on your wedding and on all of your patience and perseverance.
    I’m so glad it did not rain on yours (it did pour rain on mine long long ago).
    Your wedding gown is gorgeous – and you looked stunning beautiful and radiant wearing it!!!!!!
    I also love the pink bridesmaids dresses.
    Great photos!
    Best wishes for all of the years ahead! xx

  3. Such beautiful pictures! So glad you finally got to have your special day, it looks like it was amazing and Leo looks adorable!
    Amy x

  4. Congratulations! You look beautiful and I am so glad you had a lovely day!
    I also HATED planning at wedding- it was all quite stressful and I had Groomzilla to contend with. This bride didn’t really care about most decisions except I wanted to get married at my church (which my husband wasn’t keen on at first).

  5. You look amazing and congratulations for getting down the aisle!
    I was a covid bride too and we went ahead June last year with 30 guests as I was secretly pregnant – probably the best decision we ever made it’s funny how things work out how they’re meant to

  6. Congratulations, so lovely to see you finally had this special day with all the beautiful photos.
    I just started blogging again after a break for a few years. So I am checking in on some of the blogs I remember reading all that time ago and it’s so nice to see you are still here.

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