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AD| As you all know, I have slowly been doing up my house over the past two years. It was a new build so a…


AD| As you all know, I have slowly been doing up my house over the past two years. It was a new build so a completely blank canvas when we moved in! I’ve done a few posts recently about some posters, pictures and shelves we’ve put on our walls and today I have some more posters to share with you! Poster Store sent me some items to review.

Poster Store is a relatively new and fast-growing Swedish company, created by two brothers, Oskar and Tobias Renlund. They specialise in high-quality and sustainable wall art, locally printed in Stockholm on ecological paper.

Poster Store has beautiful posters that you can buy just the prints or in frames. They have a gallery wall inspiration section on the website that lets you see lots of prints displayed in rooms that are already decorated. It’s great to get an idea of what prints will look best in your space, or even what type of space you want to create if you are starting from scratch.

I spent a while looking around at all the prints to decide what I wanted. I had so many ideas and it was difficult to decide what I wanted. I decided to get some print for my kitchen and some for my downstairs toilet.

Poster Store Review

poster store review - 4 kitchen prints

I found some food prints for the kitchen and struggled to pick which ones I wanted. In the end, I decided on two with purple colours and two with green colours as I love how those colours look together.

For the downstairs bathroom, I knew I wanted a giraffe theme. I already brought some giraffe accessories a few months ago but I never really got around to sorting the rest out. The bathroom was originally filled with some of my partner’s picture frames as I didn’t like them so I told him he could put them in the toilet (lol, poor man). There was a framed Black Sabbath record, a signed picture of an F1 car, a Star Wars lego frame and a framed print of the original Star Wars poster. So I’ve made him remove them now, ha.

He can put them up in his area of the spare room where he has his guitars set up!

I love the kitchen prints and love how they add a bit of colour to our kitchen. They fit really nice above our kitchen table and make the room feel so much more homely. Before we had a frame with a few photos of the cat in and it looked too small for the wall. We will have to find a new home for our cat photos now!

Please ignore the hanging spare bulb, we still need to sort out lighting fixtures for our kitchen!

For the bathroom, I went for two larger prints and then two small ones on the walls with the least space. I love the giraffe room! This funny giraffe poster is my favourite! The prints are something I’ll have for a long time, even when we move house I will find somewhere for them. I am giraffe mad and between Leo’s safari themed nursery and other bits of giraffe items I’ve sneaked into the house, I’m managing to get giraffes all over the place before my partner really notices what I’m up to.

poster store review two giraffe prints

How good are the Poster Store prints?

I love my prints. They are such good value money. I have previously worked with Desenio and I would say the quality is the same, it’s just the Poster Store is MUCH better value for money. I got all these 8 frames and prints for £230. With Desenio, I got my two large prints and frames for £105 (they are 70×500).

From the Poster Store I got a frame and print in the following sizes:

1x 70×50
6x 30×40
1x 50×40

So as you can see, the value for money is much better and the quality is the same. A few of the edges on the picture frames were a bit uneven and needed pressing back together. I had this issue with Desenio too and I’m pretty sure they use the same supplier for frames as they look exactly the same.

I did have a mix-up with my delivery. When my Poster Store order came, there were two prints missing and I had a print I didn’t order. I emailed about this and they sent the correct prints out immediately.

They used UPS to deliver, which I really like as they keep you well informed about where your parcel is and when it will be delivered. It’s just a bit of a shame about the frame edges and the mix-up. Now I’ve pushed the frame edges back in place, you can’t tell there was an issue. But I guess it’s more that it sours that initial impression when you take something out of a package.

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Poster Store UK

Overall, I will use Poster Store in the future when I need more winter prints! I would love some for our hallway or some more for our living room so that will be my next purchase!

Want a discount code for the Poster Store? Just use the following code for 40% 0ff!

Poster Store Discount Code: SKINNEDCARTREE40

40% on all posters (except Selection Posters and frames)

Not combinable with other discount campaigns. Valid from 16th of July to 2nd of August.

Hope you enjoyed reading my Poster Store review – which item from Posterstore do you like best?


  1. Love the prints you picked! The giraffes are so so cute and the one for the kitchen fit so well too! I love prints in the kitchen, I think they get a nice add to the room x

  2. I am considering some frames and prints, but I will get them in September-October. I love the giraffe prints, they are so funny.

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