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Swapping over to winter prints with Poster Store

AD| Swapping prints in your home is a great way to change your decor for each season with little effort. I’ve teamed up with Poster…


AD| Swapping prints in your home is a great way to change your decor for each season with little effort. I’ve teamed up with Poster Store again to change my posters to winter prints, ready for the colder season.

If you can’t remember what posters I got last time, then check out my previous post with Poster Store.

What is Poster Store?

Poster Store is an online shop that sells prints, posters and frames for your home. They have a dedicated inspiration page that features gallery walls in different rooms, styles and colours which can help you decide what prints to get for your own gallery wall.

The prints are affordable and of great quality, which means you can swap them for new prints when you need to freshen up your space. I advise rotating your prints every so often, rather than throwing them away. I’ve kept my old prints in the frames behind the new prints and I will swap them back in Spring. I’ve even got some spring prints ready that are also hidden in the frames.

My kitchen prints

I’ve swapped my kitchen prints from the fruit prints to ones of scenes of winter and reindeer. I picked a pine cone print, one with a wild deer in a wintery scene with mountains behind, a snowy scene that is beautifully reflected in a lake and a winter reindeer print.

I love how my prints came out! They really help to give the kitchen a wintery vibe and I can’t wait to decorate the rest of my kitchen with a few more Christmas bits. I’m going to get a few Christmas bits and change my rustic kitchen shelves from Halloween to a Christmas theme too!

Living Room

In the living room, I picked two prints based on Christmas trees. They are ‘subtly Christmas’, which meant I got away with putting them up already without complaint from my partner who is very against Christmas before December.

I love the festive feel they give off without being overbearing. I’m so excited to get the rest of my Christmas decorations up now as I know they’ll complement the pictures!


I picked two festive quote prints and put them in my hallway. Though, if I’m being perfectly honest, I think I’ll move them to my piano and decorate the piano in a festive theme!

What do you think of my winter prints? Do you plan on getting any for your own home?

I love how quick and easy it is to swap them over and change the whole feel of the room. I’m already thinking about what prints I want for spring!

You can get 55% on all posters (except Selection Posters and frames) from Poster Store using my discount code.


Not combinable with other discount campaigns. Valid from 22nd to 29th of November.


  1. I always enjoy swapping out my prints for the holiday season – though it can be a lot of work to make sure you have the right sizes. My home is all sorts of confusing because I have a wild mix of international sizes and US sizes (I wish they were all the same because it costs a fortune to print international sizes here, but I prefer them)! I’d love to switch out some of my current ones for something festive. I’ll be checking out Poster Store!

  2. I usually keep the same prints year-round, but it would be fun to swap them depending on the season. I love the prints you chose especially the ones for your kitchen! They all give wintery vibes!

  3. Oh I love the ones in your kitchen! I love the prints can make a room feel redecorated without doing any actual decorating!
    Amy x

  4. What a great idea! I love the Christmas tree ones but the quotes are my favourite – they made me smile (even if it never snows here at Christmas, I do think it is the most wonderful time of year, haha!)

    Hope that your week is going well! Another rainy spring one here!

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