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30 Cute Floral Dresses For summer

I am the Queen of a cute floral dress! If you’ve followed my blog for a few years, you’ll know I love floral dresses and…


I am the Queen of a cute floral dress! If you’ve followed my blog for a few years, you’ll know I love floral dresses and have plenty of them. I challenge you to find anyone that has more pretty dresses than me. I gave away a full bag to charity when I was pregnant, as they were too small. I finally came to the terms with the fact that I’m never going to be thin enough to fit in them ever again.

A sad but true story.  That is okay though. I had those dresses for a long time and a lot has changed in my life and my body. Not just through having a baby, but getting older does not help. The older I am, the harder it gets to maintain the weight I once was. So rather than restricting my food, exercising loads and being miserable to keep my body at a size 10/12, I just gave all those small dresses to a charity shop so I can just embrace the size I am now. So that’s that. Done and dusted. The end of the road. Job done. Finito.

Do you remember what this blog post is about because I don’t? Oh yes, floral dresses. My favourite things. I recently bought some new dresses not a lot long again from New Look so I’m trying not to buy anymore as I’m trying to be a budget mum and save money instead of spending it.

This doesn’t mean I can’t look! Because I’m not planning on buying any, it means I don’t need to worry about if the lovely floral dress I’ve just fallen in love with is breastfeeding friendly. Because most dresses are not and it drives me nuts.

girl wearning floral dresses in yorkshire

30 Cute Floral Dresses For summer

So let’s take a look at some cute floral dresses that are perfect for summer!

Floral Dresses from Dorothy Perkins 

My first stop is Dorothy Perkins, one of my favourite places to buy dresses. I love a floral maxi dress and this selection contains five!

Floral Dresses from Quiz Clothing

Second stop, Quiz Clothing. I used to LOVE Quiz clothing! I’ve not bought anything from them for years but I do still have a beautiful dress they sent me a couple of years ago. I love the orange floral tie dress, although it’s not something I think I could wear personally as I cannot get away without a bra right now! I do love a mini dress too.

The green skater dress is lovely. I don’t own enough green dresses. I love that colour but it seems to be hard to find a dress in green.

Floral Dresses from Matalan

Another old favourite! I went through a phase at university when about 80% of my wardrobe was Matalan.

Matalan is really cheap and can have some lovely clothes. I’ve found it’s quite hit and miss though. Some seasons they absolutely kill it and in other seasons I really don’t like anything! Their dress section has always been a good source for florals dresses, though.

I love the orange and red ditsy floral print dress. It would be perfect for a warm evening in a beer garden.

Floral Dresses from River Island

River Island is also a shop I have fond memories of when I first started buying my own clothes. When I earned £3.20 an hour working at a cafe/restaurant in the centre of Doncaster, I’d get the bus straight from school and have about an hour to kill before I started work so would just spend it all in River Island, Quiz and Select!

Floral Dresses from SilkFred

SilkFred is a new shop to me but look how lovely their dresses are. And yes, I am aware that the blue dress is not floral but I love it so shut up. The white floral print halter neck maxi dress would make such a lovely option for a summer wedding outfit!

Floral Dresses from Boohoo

Boohoo is a popular site but I’ve not actually bought many things on there. I feel like I’m a little too old for it! But how beautiful is the floral animal print dress? I love floral print on a black and white pattern. I think blue to pink florals go so well with that style.

Let me know your favourite floral dress in the comments! Check out some of my recent clothing related posts:


  1. I shop at charity shops and can’t resist a floral dress if it’s in my size! I have so many too Love these dresses, I like to look on websites like New Look etc. and then search it up on Depop or Vinted because it’s much cheaper and more sustainable! x

  2. Love all of these floral dresses! I didn’t use to get many dresses because i find it hard to wear them with my job, but this year i decided to treat myself and have one on the way now! I love New Look dresses, there’s always something for everyone x

  3. Dorothy Perkins seems like such a cute brand I will definitely have to check out. You should also check out Princess Polly for some adorable summer dresses!

  4. I am in love with this selection of colors, styles, and prints! I could live all of summer in a handful of dresses; my favorites are the ones that do not stick to me and leave my skin room to breathe. Loving the selection from Boohoo and Matalan.
    Thanks for sharing!

  5. You shared so many adorable dresses here. It’s been ages since I’ve worn a summer dress because normally, they’re very hard to find for my body and my preferences – but I love a lot of these!!

  6. Ohhhh I love a good floral dress – I have quite the collection and my last one is from Monki, such a cute cut and shape that I love on me (which is a big thing!). I never heard of a few of those so I will check them out x

    All hail to the queen of floral dresses ha!

  7. So many of these are beautiful! I’m like you, I think I’m slightly too old for Boohoo but I really love that black and white dress with the floral print over the top! Basically all my dresses are some kind of floral, I feel like it’s such an easy go-to in summer. I’m now trying to tell myself I don’t need any more…

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