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What maternity clothes do I really need?

I guess I was lucky with maternity clothes in a sense. Because of coronavirus, I spent most of my pregnancy at home. This meant I…


I guess I was lucky with maternity clothes in a sense. Because of coronavirus, I spent most of my pregnancy at home. This meant I didn’t have to buy myself any new work clothes and I could spend most of my pregnancy wearing comfortable loungewear! But I did buy a few new outfits for actually leaving the house, sadly these were mostly just for midwife and hospital appointments because I spent the majority of my pregnancy shielding, apart from a few outdoor BBQs.

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What maternity clothes do I really need?

So, let’s have a look at what I recommend for maternity clothes!

maternity dress maternity style

(Dorothy Perkins)

Maternity dresses:

I got my maternity dresses from three places:

My favourite places to shop was Dorothy Perkins, I bought 4 maternity dresses from there! The floral one above and then three maxi dresses. I just love dorothy perkins maternity wear.

The maxi dresses have been my most worn items – they are just so easy to put on and they fit my bump well as they clung a bit! If dresses are too flowy then they end up looking like a tent! The Dorothy Perkin’s dresses showed of my bump better than the other dresses.

I still wear them now! They are all cross over in the boob area, which means they are easy for breastfeeding in. If you are planning to breastfeed, then I’d advise looking for maternity clothes you can also access your boobs in so you can get some wear out of them a few weeks after birth too.

maternity dress at 40 weeks pregnant


maternity dress 40 weeks pregnant dorothy perkins maternity wear

(Dorothy Perkins)

maternity dress floral

(New Look)

Maternity Jeans.

I bought two pair of jeans, a black over the bump pair from ASOS (pictured below) and a pair of ‘below the bump’ ones in blue. I loved the below the bump ones to start with, but after about 25 weeks pregnant, the over the bump ones were my favourite!  I still wear them now, at 15 weeks postpartum!

I wish I hadn’t bothered with the under bump ones as even now it feels like they are not high waisted enough!

Maternity Tops.

I bought nearly all my maternity tops from H&M, which is odd as I don’t usually shop there!

They do some tops in packs of two, the top I am wearing below came in a pack of two, with a dusty pink one too. I am also still wearing these tops now! They hugged my bump nicely in pregnancy and they are baggy enough to hide my postpartum tum. (I’ve also got some nursing tops from there too which I love!)

I also bought a pack of two organic cotton crew neck maternity tops from ASOS. These don’t hug the bump as much and are more like a baggy t-shirt. I’m actually wearing the black one now and wear it around the house with leggings and pyjama bottoms a lot!


I bought two pairs of maternity leggings from H&M. I don’t usually wear leggings, but when I was sick with morning sickness and stuck inside during lockdown, I wanted something other than Pyjamas to wear!

I wore these loads at home, but they were a bit too thin to wear outside as you could see through them.

maternity jeans and top

Maternity Pyjamas. 

I bought two pairs of pyjamas from New Look. The pink leopard print ones below, and some daisy print ones.

Over the bump is the way to go with maternity pyjamas and guess what? I’m still wearing them now!

over bump maternity pyjamas

Maternity Workout clothes.

I bought two pairs of maternity leggings for working out. I got a plum/red pair from Reebok and a dark blue pair from Fabletics. In terms of quality, they were both about the same. I wore them up until I was 39 weeks pregnant and they held my bump nicely, I also still wear them now and they are stretchy enough that they still hold my stomach in and are flattering. I’ll be wearing them until I lose a bit of weight and can fit into my old ones!

I did try to find cheaper ones but whenever I did, they were only even in extra-small or extra-large sizes!

maternity leggings workout blue fabletics
maternity workout leggings reebok

I’d say the key when looking for maternity clothes are:

  • OVER THE BUMP with bottoms
  • Ensure tops have boob access for when the baby arrives!
  • Remember you’ll probably wear them after the baby is born, so you will get wear out of them.

I feel like I have gotten plenty of wear out of what I bought.  I might have gotten a few more dresses if it wasn’t for lockdown! But what I did buy was enough!

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  1. Such good points – especially about getting pieces that double up so you can breastfeed in them afterwards! I did really well with Asos maternity pieces, they worked well for me, and I bought a couple maternity dresses for work too. I found that sizing up in flexible pieces helped most of my maternity – I picked up a wrap dress a size too big at the opshop for $1 or something like that and it worked well even in the third trimester! 🙂 Donated it back after baby arrived when it started to get to big and don’t feel bad about it!

    Hope you are having a good weekend 🙂

  2. Love your selection of maternity dresses! They’re all so pretty 🙂 Definitely lucky that you’ve not had to really go all out with new clothes due to being pregnant because of the pandemic and spending more time at home! x

  3. I am surprised to see that there are maternity workout clothes. Although it’s definitely more healthy to exercise during pregnancy and just adapt the routines. Well done for working out. 🙂

  4. The maternity dresses you bought are beautiful. I love the patterns, they are look very feminine but comfortable at the same time so that must be great. The maternity tops you got are also lovely. These are great tips for shopping for maternity clothes in terms of what is important. You’ve done well with things you have chosen. Maternity clothes can be worn after the delivery as well- and as you say, it is best to buy those items that will be practical when it comes to breastfeeding.
    Have a lovely weekend!

  5. You’ve picked out so many lovely items! My sister has been pregnant during the pandemic too so she has been living in loungewear too – I especially love all the dresses x

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