5 days of women’s work outfits

My work wardrobe is getting bigger! I need to slow down a bit now though because I’ve spent a bit more than I can afford to!

The majority of my clothes have come from Tesco’s F&F clothing section. I’m really loving the long-sleeved polo tops – they’re only £8.50 and come in different colours. I’ve got black, brown and dark green. I’ll probably end up with more!

I really love skirts but would prefer some to be a bit longer than the ones in the first two pictures. I have long legs so skirts look shorter on me than they should. So do trousers.

I seem to be having the biggest issue in the world finding a pair of long pack trousers! Every shop I go in seems to have short and standard lengths but no long ones! It’s driving me nuts! I just want some more plain ones that are easy to chuck on.

I love the ones in the last photo but they a little shorter than I would like. Ankle length seems to be popular but I’m a massive fan. I’d like some long ones I can hide thick tights under in the winter.

I’ll keep searching but here are 5 of my outfits – enough to last a full working week!

women's work clothes

women's work clothes for the office

women's workwear clothes

women's office work clothes

women's work clothes idea for the office

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