Work wardrobe from Matalan

Now I have a proper job, I don’t need to wear a uniform.

Well, I do until I start it fully – for the new couple of weeks I’m doing workshops and handing over my old job so will be in and out of it. But yes, NO MORE UNIFORM. VERY SOON. I hate my current shirt and suit. It’s not flattering and just makes me feel a bit bleh.

Although the downside is that I have to spend my own money to buy new clothes, I feel much better wearing clothes that feel like me.

Now I’m creating my work wardrobe. I have a few bits and will slowly add as I go on. I feel like I need to add some dresses into the mix – so far I’ve got two skirts, two pairs of trousers and some tops and jumpers. I know I feel most confident in dresses so I’m on the lookout for some smart ones.

I went to Matalan at the weekend and they have some lovely things in. I picked up a few bits and went onto their website to see what else they have.

I might be in for another trip to look for those dresses!

Work wardrobe

Work wardrobe

Work wardrobe

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